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ECM case studies –

eCoach Manager Case Studies with RICHARD MOORE Operations – I remember when first started using eCoachManager. As operations manager, I was particularly interested after learning about the features related to vehicles and drivers. We use eCoachManager to manage and track vehicles. I am able to track scheduled service times and vehicle inspections. The Read more »

Breathtaking Day Trip Spots Near Brisbane City

Planning a day trip is the best option if you want to spend a day far from the hustle and bustle of Brisbane City. We have reviewed the ten best day trip spots near Brisbane you can visit within a day so you don’t have to spend time on research – let’s dive in! TAMBORINE Read more »

Day Trip Points Near Melbourne to Rejuvenate Your Soul

The state of Victoria has no shortage of tourist points with all kinds of activities. Whether you are looking to do some adventures or spend some time in silence with nature, you have everything within two hours’ drive.  You just need to feel your mood, and you will find a place in this list. If Read more »

Great Day Trips to Take from Liverpool

The birthplace of The Beatles, Liverpool, is known for its music culture and world-class architecture. The World Capital City of Pop has attractions scattered throughout the city. But the hustle and bustle of Liverpool might take a toll on you. This is when you might want to book a coach charter and plan a day Read more »

10 Great Day Trips to Take from Manchester

Manchester is one of the most liveable cities in the UK. This is something that Mancunians (people of Manchester) are proud of, but sometimes you need to take a day off. A day trip to new places allows you to have new experiences and try new food. The best thing is that Manchester is centrally Read more »

The Volvo AB – Driverless Bus

The giant Swedish automobile and vehicle manufacturer Volvo have partnered together with Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, known as NTU, to develop a full-sized electric bus that will be fully autonomous. Singapore is renowned around the world as a place where technology is embraced. The fledgling state is modern, clean, efficient and highly streamlined so it Read more »

Is the VW SEDRIC the Future for School Buses

During March of 2018 at the VW Group Night in Geneva, Volkswagen unveiled their futuristic concept for school travel. Named SEDRIC the idea is that the way forward for school transport is on-demand shuttles. These shuttles would collect the kids from home and deliver them straight to school without any safety problems. This would leave Read more »

Bus Safety for School Students

It has always been a great concern for parents, bus operators and schools how to transport school students properly. So that they are safe and protected travelling to and from school and on any field trips during school hours. How Can Parents Help Parents can help in many ways and their duty of care includes Read more »

Bus & Coach News – February Catch-up

The month of February has now been and gone and now March is upon us. If you have missed any recent articles, we have pick out a few that may interest you from February 2018. NatEx Now Fitting Warning Stickers For Cyclists’ Safety The national express has been partnering with the West Midlands Fire Service Read more »

Incase You Missed It! – A Quick January News Round-Up

eCoachManager have put together a few articles from recent news from January 2018. Incase you missed it here is the round-up from last month! VDL Confirms Stadtwerke Osnabrück Tender The Dutch manufacturer has won the contract for electric buses in Germany. German Stadtwerke Osnabrück announces that VDL Bus and Coach has been selected as its Read more »

Top Companies to Dominate the Electric Buses Sales Market in the Coming Years

The continuous development of electric transit buses has increased dramatically over the last decade. And we should be seeing soon a new line of electric buses available for public and private use. As a result, national government and transport operators will need to replace the existing standard transit buses with battery–powered models and expect this Read more »

The Transition of Transport Buses Over the Years

Public buses and coach hire buses are recognised as one of the very important factors for the mobilisation of any city. Municipal authorities and fleet operators are constantly aiming at giving out the best services to the necessity of the public. In this blog, we take a look at the outstanding development and progress of Read more »

How Safe is the School Bus

When you are driving your kids to school you can observe how your kids behave, do they get into the car properly and immediately sit down? Do they then buckle up and remain in their seats for the whole journey? You can answer these questions as you are driving and in charge. But when your Read more »

Safety & Security in School Travel

When your children leave the house to go to school, how sure are you that they are safe and secure both going to school and whilst going on trips and excursions during school time. Most parents have no idea how their kids are progressing once they get onto the school bus until they come home Read more »

Euro 6 Emission Regulations Concerning SCR

The recent Euro 6 regulations concerning SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) brings into play the increase of use of AdBlue. But what is AdBlue, and what does it do? Perhaps if you have never owned a diesel vehicle you may not have heard of AdBlue. Modern diesel engines are fitted with SCR’s and as such need Read more »

Road Safety and the Bus Industry in Australia

According to OzeBus which is the home of the Australian Public Transport Industrial Association and the Bus Industry Confederation, Buses are the safest form of road transport. They qualify that statement with the following facts:- The Facts During the period between 1989 and 2010 in Australia, only less than one percent of all road traffic Read more »

How to Organize a Large Scale Business Event

Many business owners have to face the fact that sooner or later they will be responsible for some form of large business event. This could be a shareholders meeting, a sales seminar for customers or staff training. Obviously busy CEO’s do not have the time to be hands on for such a project, but they Read more »

Account Management & Control – Best Practices that Relate to Bus Companies

Luckily managing the entire fleet today is not outrageously difficult anymore because of the advancement of technology. An innovative solution to manage an entire fleet of vehicles is by using a Transport Management System (TMS). eCoach Manager is a flexible, cloud–based, transport management system that can be tailor–made to suit any small or large bus Read more »

eCoachManager Blog Review

eCoachManager has one of the most definitive and up-to-date blog pages section which is constantly updated with current industry news items and relevant important information on everything that is pertinent in the world of eCoachManager. Our recent blogs have included, Getting More Economy from your Vehicles, Push to Talk, Migrating to eCoachManager, and recent UK Read more »

How to Market Your Business as a True Transport Management Solutions Provider

A transport management system (TMS) is an innovative solution and a key component of automation management. Transport management systems will provide efficient communication between operators and drivers, having to share real–time information. Hence, transport operators are now increasingly preferring to use TMS for their businesses. It is the most cost–effective solution for managing customers as Read more »

Coach & Bus UK 2019

The UK’s leading coach and Bus exhibition for 2019 will take place at the NEC in Birmingham during 2nd – 3rd of October. The bi-annual event has already sold out for exhibitor space and everything points to another roaring success. 2017 Coach & Bus UK The 2017 event was a massive success which welcomed nearly Read more »

The Unveiling of the New Scania Touring Coach

Hot news in December from Scania as they unveiled their new touring coach which will be available in Australia early in 2018. The initial tests of the vehicle’s fuel consumption blew many competitor away. The Competition Were No Match The test from Scania’s Italian based Bus to Coach’s featured six manufacturers and 11 twin axle Read more »

Getting More Economy from your Vehicles & Reducing Operating Costs

Over the past few years an even in today’s news, there has been plenty of literature generated in the area of fuel economy and reducing operating costs. Fuel economy is a vital factor when it comes to the overall operations of fleets worldwide and it is still a big concern for bus operators today. Fuel Read more »

Push to Talk from eCoachManager

Do you miss the convenience of 2 way radio? Regular users of the cloud based eCoachManager system will be aware that we frequently make enhancements to the software. We want to ensure that our clients get to take advantage of some of the very latest technology advancements that are available. One such enhancement that is Read more »

English Bus & Coach Industry Updates

If you are operating in the UK or if you want to know some quick industry updates from the UK then have a look at the recent news articles below! Are you an operator? Head over to eCoachManager for more info on the best solution to manage your transport business and increase revenue. Coffee Powered Read more »

Migrating to eCoachManager from Other Systems

We recognise that bus and coach operators don’t take the decision of which system to use lightly. Choosing what works best for your business can be a drawn out process and involve many different people in your operation. After all, it is very likely that whatever system you choose to use you will be staying Read more »

Recent Industry News in UK December 2017

Here are some of the latest news articles in the Uk this December from eCoachManager. If you would like us to mention any news relating to your transport business then contact us today! Go-Ahead owned Oxford Bus Company has now purchased Tom Tappin Ltd. The services run by the company are the Guide Friday and Read more »

Review of Vehicle Tracking Systems

A vehicle tracking system enables transport operators to gain valuable insights into their entire fleet of vehicles and reduce operational cost accordingly. In particular, one of the most important factors to consider is the safety of all vehicles and lower insurance premium costs. What other advantages of vehicle tracking system can give to transport operators? Read more »

Tokyo Orders 29 Low Floor City Buses from Volgren

A first of it’s kind deal for Tokyo’s bustling transport network! 29 Volgren low floor city buses have been ordered for use in the Japanese city of Tokyo. The buses will be built on Scania N280UB E6 chassis. At present there are no current localised production of these type of vehicles, with supply only being Read more »

The Future Of Bus Technology

When we think about the future of bus technology perhaps we think of driverless vehicles and zero emissions which make the environment a little bit greener. Here are a few high-tech buses of tomorrow! A Brief Overview Back in Paris 1662 French mathematician Blaise Pascal introduced the world’s very first public bus service. This consisted Read more »

The Bus Industry Confederation Conference 2017 Review

The BIC (Bus Industry Confederation) 2017 annual national conference was full of the industry experts to share their brilliant ideas on Mobility as a Service or MaaS and the future value of bus and coach transport operations in Australia. The national conference was a three–day event from 12th to 15th of November. The conference was Read more »

Customer Advantages for Companies That Have Vehicle Management Systems

Vehicle management software is now proving to be a really positive tool for many transport companies that transport passengers from A to B. For coach charter companies and bus hire businesses a management system such as eCoachManager offers so many benefits. They include: Real time reporting Maintenance Tracking payments Access to the system from anywhere Read more »

What You Can Get for Each Package of the Pricing in eCoach Manager

The eCoach Manager is a vehicle management system designed to manage the daily operations of any transport charter services. This vehicle management system is perfect for small to medium coaches, buses, mini buses, limos or any chauffeur companies. It offers a low–cost, convenient and efficient solution to manage an entire fleet of vehicles and all Read more »

Who could use eCoachManager? And Why

eCoach Manager is a Transport Management System (TMS) which can manage your transport business and increase your company profit. Some of the most successful coach charter and bus hire businesses in the UK and Australia are currently using eCoachManager to help run their entire businesses. The software not only handles your bookings but it can Read more »

Why Customers Love Good TMS – Transport Management System?

As a transport operator, if you have loads of vehicles you will want to maximise each vehicle’s potential in increasing your business profit. There is an efficient way to achieve this and the solution is simply through investing in new technology. The new technology nowadays plays an important role to increase your business profit and Read more »

Getting Started With eCoach Manager

eCoachManager is a software system that was developed specifically as a solution for the transport management of either private hire or contract vehicles. Ideal for all manner of transport operators from hauliers, coach and bus operators, and chauffeur companies. The specially designed software makes the handling and management of bookings simple, it also facilitates the Read more »

The Future of Transport Management Systems

A Transport management system or a TMS enables the user to have all the necessary services in one place for their transport business. If you don’t have one already then maybe you should consider using one for your business as not only are they innovative but are secure, sound and enable the user to do Read more »

Trends in School Transport Management

By using modern transport technology, it can give you benefits to easily manage your daily tasks, connect and communicate with your friends or families, and even increase your business profit. For the many past years, school bus transportation has always been a struggle for both children and parents. They would wait for long period of Read more »

Measuring the Things that Matter

Trying to run a successful business reliant on a fleet of vehicles is a difficult thing to do. It requires the ultimate of control, tracking, vigilance and measurement of all performance. If you do not know how your transport is performing in in a myriad of ways then you cannot possibly judge if they are Read more »

Managing Change As A Coach Operator

These days you don’t see many Nokia 3310’s, VHS or cassette players, everyone has technology such as iPhones, Laptops and Tracking Software. All these things make your life a little easier and simpler. Do you remember the times when we had a modem and the dial up tone could be heard blasting through the computer? Read more »

Driving Customer Value

The obvious goal of every company is to make a profit, together with healthy margins. But depending on what kind of industry you are in, will probably drive how mature and aggressive your own market is. In most markets competition is fierce, utility prices rise, materials costs increase and labour constantly goes up. Trying to Read more »

Legislation Requirements For Operators in The UK

If you are an operator operating in the UK that provide commercial bus and/or coach services in the UK then you must have the correct legislation requirements to legally run your transport business. Depending on your transport services then you may need an O License or an Operator’s License as it is known along with Read more »

4 Ways to Improve Bus Driver Health

Working as a bus driver is a sedentary and a stressful job. It would mean sitting for long hours in traffic with no time to stretch, making evasive maneuvers on cyclists and pedestrians. All just to provide an excellent customer services and to keep up with the time of schedule. And adding to that stress, Read more »

Vehicle Tracking and Key Benefits

Do you want to reduce your operating expenses for your transportation company? While also, increase the profit of your business without micromanaging? Thanks to the advancement of technologies, vehicle tracking is now available to use for all transportation businesses.The system is simple and easy to manage. It is also the most convenient and inexpensive solution Read more »

The Different Kinds Of Businesses That Could Benefit From A Transport Management Software System

What is a Transport Management System? These type of transport management systems are computer based software intended to manage transportation operations and deals. The software systems assist not just coach charter and bus hire companies but can be used for just about any transportation business. The software helps in controlling the day to day processes Read more »

How To Attract and Keep Drivers at Your Company

The way your company attracts, hires and keeps drivers has probably changed a great deal over the years, and this will continuously evolve as the future generations of talent becomes key to the business. These cohorts or millennials as they are called are now more than ever aware of their true worth to a coach Read more »

The Importance of Getting Customer Reviews and Testimonial for your Business

Reviews online are the biggest influencing factor nowadays. It is an absolute essential tool to promote your business on the web. It is also important to any businesses, whether or not they sell online, it can help them be on top of the search result page. When people are thinking about buying a particular item Read more »

Marketing Ideas For The Coach Operator

Digital marketing is continually becoming more important as more and more companies take their business online, by increasing a business’ online presence will increase brand recognition and generate leads. The coach and transport industries are absolutely no different, and the strength our your coach company’s sales and marketing presence online will directly affect your business Read more »

A Review Of The Five Best Online Accounting Systems

The recent and popular explosion of online cloud-based applications has opened the world of easy-to-use and inexpensive bookkeeping options for businesses of all sizes. But having to wade through a myriad of options and features of each application can be a daunting task. In this review we hope to highlight the best options that are Read more »

eCoachManager Customer Benefits

Ecoach Manager is a truly flexible, 100% web based, vehicle management system. Designed specifically with the small to medium coach, minibus, limo or chauffeur company in mind. It enables you to have access to your business 24 hours a day in the office, at home or on the road. You have total control and visibility Read more »

Time management

So you own a successful and busy bus and coach hire business, you are busy everyday; out driving, filling in driver time sheets, sending out quotations and invoices, there probably aren’t enough hours in the day. But have you ever stopped for one second and thought who is looking after your customers? Or who is Read more »