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2018 Bus and Coach Industry Census

Big Australian news that hit in August was that there will be a new census in 2018. Fifteen years after the previous census, Bus Australia Network (BAN) will launch another attempt at trying to garner the general position the Australian bus industry is in. All Australian bus and coach operators are being actively encouraged to Read more »

Coach Equipment Manufacturer Offers Hope to Coach Operators in the UK

There is great optimism for coach operators who wish to use Euro V coaches in London without having to pay a fee. Irizar is hoping to offer a solution to the problem that they will be phasing into production in April 2019. London operates an Ultra Low Emissions Zone, and as other towns and cities Read more »

Two Giant Australian Bus Distributors New Team–Up

Australian transport companies are constantly embracing the technological advancement in the bus and coach industry. They have supported all different kinds of technology such as comprehensive vehicle management system, alternative eco–friendly fuels, and now there is even a radical new business team–up between two giant bus manufacturers. An announcement was made of a new team–up Read more »

eCitaro and Sprinter Citybus for UK

eCoachManager has long been at the forefront of assisting coach and bus transport companies streamline their businesses. The software is perfect for any kind of vehicles that form a fleet. And if you are embracing green technology in your business and investing in electric vehicles, then eCoachManager could be the perfect assistant to your business. Read more »

Australian Bus and Coach Industry News Round–Up In June

eCoachManager is dedicated to continuously keep you informed about the recent news in the bus and coach industry. In case you missed some of the top news for the month of June, we have put together a few articles that may interest you. So here is a roundup of last month news about the Australian Read more »

The Green Issue – Electric Buses

In many of our eCoachManager blogs so far we have addressed the issue of clean energy for public transport, and the turning from traditional fuels such as diesel to electric powered vehicles. Electric cars have taken most of the press hype over the last couple of years and for very understandable reasons, as some of Read more »

Australian Electric Bus Company Embraces Autonomous Vehicle Technology

The Australia mass group transportation specialist TAG (Transit Australia Group) and the international electric driverless technology company EasyMile are soon to join forces to develop autonomous EV technology and applications. The South Australian transport company Precision Buses is also a key player in this development. Australian companies have always been at the forefront of technology Read more »

Electric Buses Are Taking Over

For a considerable time now eCoachManager has been helping bus and coach companies rationalise costs and to help vehicles to be more profitable for their companies. Our effective software helps to streamline coach operators businesses therefore cutting costs and adding profitability. But the main savings a transport company can bring into their business is cutting Read more »

Is It the End for Diesel

It is hard to comprehend but the current popularity for cleaner vehicles and newer engine technologies means that the life of the traditional diesel bus and coach is very limited. Saving money and the health of our environment is now the main considerations for everybody that is connected with the world’s transportation businesses. And newer Read more »

The Future of Electric Bus Bodies are Lightweight

The announcement of Australia’s largest bus body builder – Volgren to partner with Deakin University, Clean TeQ – Victoria based Mining specialist, and Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre to investigate how a rare–earth element(REE), Scandium, can be used to produce a lightweight electric bus body. The said the partnership between these key industry leaders is to Read more »

The History of Public Buses

Today public bus transportation is high-tech and eco friendly, there are also sophisticated monitoring and tracking systems such as eCoachManager to assist coach and bus companies operate their fleets. But this is all a far cry from the very early days of bus transport, since the early 1800’s various forms of public transport have come Read more »

UK Coach Rally 2018 Winners

If you missed the recent happenings of UK Coach Rally last month, we have arranged a round up for you. To keep you more updated on the latest news and development of UK’s bus and coach industry, you can follow eCoach Manager blog pages. We constantly update our blog page about bus and coach industry Read more »

Commercial Transport Can Be Fossil Free by 2050

As we all know that commercial transport industry is under great pressure to clean up their act, and the search to make buses and coaches as green as possible is an issue that is not going away. Whilst many engine and vehicle manufactures struggle with new technologies including bio-fuels and electric possibilities, other areas of Read more »

Solid-State Batteries are the Next Big Thing in Electric Vehicles

The electric vehicles or EVs sales are exponentially growing as results from the increase in worldwide demands. A research study was conducted by the highly reputable consulting firm, Frost & Sullivan. Their report shows EVs possible staggering tenfold growth in total worldwide sales by 2025. The 2017 total sales reached 1.2 million units. This 2018, Read more »

Latest Bus News In The Industry

eCoachManager has been built from the ground up by PPCnSEO. PPCnSEO combine expertise in web development and online marketing with experience in the Transport Industry. The team have been involved in many Taxi, Minibus, Coach and Broking companies in the UK over the last 25 years. eCoachManager is a vehicle management system specifically designed for Read more »

Paris Leads the Way on Zero Emission Buses

Eco friendly emission buses are a hot topic all over the world, as many governments struggle with balancing their need for low emissions with the cost and the practicality of it all. To say the industry is in a state of flux is a misunderstatement, there is no one direction all the major bus and Read more »