ECoachManager Launches Free Version of Their All-in-One Marketing Toolkit: ECoachManager Lite

Global Release. 20th February, 2024 – Leading transport management solution ECoachManager, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of ECoachManager Lite – a free, scaled-back iteration of its cutting-edge transport management system, tailored specifically for marketing and expansion purposes.

Unveiled on February 15th, ECoachManager Lite has been customised to cater to small businesses’ needs in the transport industry, seeking to optimise their marketing strategies and grow their transport business at zero cost.

ECoachManager Lite includes all of the core marketing features of ECoachManager, focusing on boosting customer satisfaction and streamlining booking processes. This free iteration serves users with valuable marketing and business expansion tools, enabling them to assess and test the capabilities of the ECoachManager system.

“As part of our commitment to fostering growth and innovation, we are pleased to offer a complimentary ‘Test Drive’ of our revolutionary system. ECoachManager Lite serves as a free trial of the ECoachManager ecosystem, designed to streamline marketing and grow your transport business,” said Mark Bond, CEO.

Key features of ECoachManager Lite include:

  • Customised booking link for straightforward customer enquiries
  • Lite management admin system with comprehensive marketing tools
  • Customer response automation and centralised customer data (CRM)
  • User-friendly and customisable interface to suit various business models
  • Minimal training needed
  • Further customisation available
ECoachManager Lite customers can upgrade to the complete comprehensive transportation management solution anytime.

Key features of ECoachManager include:

  • Customised booking link on your webpage for straightforward customer enquiries
  • Complete management admin system with comprehensive marketing tools
  • Customer response automation, centralised customer data (CRM)
  • Vehicle, Driver, and Maintenance record-keeping tools
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Driver App for driver communication, comprehensive reporting tools
  • Calendar planning tool
  • e-Commerce payment compatibilities
  • Accounting package integrations
  • Streamlined booking and accounts management
  • Keeps all your records in one place and has a user-friendly and customisable interface to suit various business models
  • Training and Full customer support
  • Language translation component.

For more information, visit ECoachManager Lite