Why you should work with eCoachManager

Nowadays many businesses partner with platforms to drive growth and reach a far wider audience then they could by themselves.  Companies such as Booking.com, Airbnb, Trivago are essential tools for any hotel or accommodation provider. Similarly Amazon, Ebay, Lazada and many other platforms enable big and small online and bricks and mortar  retailers to access a much larger customer base then they ever thought possible.

eCoachManager now brings those huge benefits to the group travel industry.

  • Fill your boots – take work from our platform when you need it – cover your own work when you wish to.
  • Fill your empty legs – search our system for return journeys – Don’t travel empty!
  • Free Marketing – No need to spend massive amounts on your own sales and marketing – let eCoachManager drive work to you.
  • Access a global audience – as international travel opens up eCoachManager will give you access to inbound tour groups from Europe, China and the world
  • Easy to register – Our online portal allows you to update your fleet and driver details as well as upload your credentials such as insurance and working with children certs so you can qualify for work with schools etc
  • On the move – Use our eCoachManager app to search for work, accept jobs and manage your account while on the go
  • Free Tracking – the new driver web portal lets us track your drivers while working on a eCoachManager booking – and when they are not you can still use the system to track your driver’s FOC
  • Win contracts – you would not normally have access to – by being part of a solution. eCoachManager’s tender team can include you in nationwide agreements, contracts and tenders.
  • Use our Tech –  to help you win local contracts, Our development team will partner with you to win shuttle contracts, school runs, events and much more. For example you may like to offer an APP. 
  • Instant work – Our auto-routing system means we send you confirmed bookings within seconds of customers booking

Minimal Admin – NO Invoices needed – Our advanced system SELF bills and automatically credits your account in the agreed payment window.

eCoachManager Driver App

The New Drivers application has been released and is now available in the Google Play and Apple stores

At eCoachManager, we understand the challenges faced by coach and minibus operators on a daily basis. From optimizing routes to ensuring passenger safety, there’s a lot on your plate!

Transform your coach and minibus operations with a robust, fully-integrated management solution. 🌟 Join the thousands of operators leveraging eCoachManager to simplify their business.

Reach out to learn more or click the link in our bio. Together, let’s drive towards a more efficient and profitable future!

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