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Passenger Module

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eCoachManager just released a new Passenger Module to its already expansive range of modules and applications.

With a definite growing need in the market for operators who have a range of potentially vulnerable or exclusive clients, the new Passenger Module is specifically designed to answer many problem areas highlighted to us.

What Does It Do?

The new Passenger Module has been designed around client’s feedback on how to control the safety and information of who is on a vehicle and when.

How Does It Work?

The new Passenger Module facilitates the scanning of passengers as they board and alight the vehicle, thus keeping an accurate record of exactly who is on board and when.

It has both driver and parent / transport facilitator’s application. Thus the relevant mother or father and transport manager knows if their charge has boarded the vehicle or not.

Who Is The New Module Aimed At

Any organisation or corporate entity that needs to track their passengers for, either safety or business purposes,may utilise the new Passenger Module.

Schools, companies, travel operators, event organisers all need to know that their charges are safely on board or if there is a problem, somebody has not boarded and has been left behind.

Parents can be advised that their children are on the way to school or if they have missed the bus and are stranded. Companies can evaluate if their corporate transport is being fully utilised or whether an alternate type of transport is needed for their employees.

How Can I Get the New Passenger Module?

Soon you too can be enjoying the benefits and facilities of the new Passenger Module with the rest of our contented clients.

To get hold of the exhilarating and all encompassing Passenger Module, simply contact our friendly team today