Empowering Drivers with Enhanced eCoachManager “Driver App”

We’re committed to continuously improving the eCoachManager “Driver App” based on valuable customer and driver feedback. This latest upgrade introduces a range of enhancements designed to streamline operations, optimise communication, and elevate the overall user experience.

Enhanced Booking Details and Driver Information

At the heart of the upgrade lies a revamped booking management system that provides drivers with a comprehensive overview of their assigned trips. Key booking details, including passenger information, pickup and drop-off locations, and any special instructions, are now readily accessible, ensuring drivers are well-equipped to handle each journey efficiently.

Full Passenger and Journey Details

To further enhance driver preparedness, we’ve expanded the scope of passenger and journey information available within the app. Drivers can now access detailed passenger profiles, including contact details, preferences, and any special needs or accommodations. Additionally, journey details, such as route maps, estimated travel times, and any potential traffic or weather conditions, are readily available, empowering drivers to make informed decisions and provide exceptional customer service.

Drivers’ Ability to Determine Availability

Flexibility and autonomy are paramount for our drivers. With this upgrade, we’ve introduced a driver availability management feature that allows drivers to seamlessly update their availability status within the app. Whether it’s indicating availability for new bookings or managing existing commitments, drivers can now control their schedule with ease, ensuring efficient resource allocation and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Better Customer Service from Drivers

Equipped with enhanced information and tools, our drivers are empowered to provide exceptional customer service. The ability to access booking details, passenger information, and journey specifics enables drivers to anticipate and address customer needs promptly. Additionally, the driver availability management feature ensures that customers are matched with available drivers, minimizing wait times and fostering a positive overall experience.

We’re confident that these enhancements to the eCoachManager “Driver App” will further solidify our commitment to providing a superior user experience for both drivers and customers.