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About eCoachManager

eCoachManager has been built from the ground up by PPCnSEO.

PPCnSEO combine expertise in web development and online marketing with experience in the Transport Industry.

The team have been involved in many Taxi, Minibus, Coach and Broking companies in the UK over the last 25 years.

eCoachManager was initially built as a custom management system for a single coach and minibus company, however as it started to grow it became clear that it would be useful for other companies as well.

Since the early stages, eCoachManager has continued to grow and grow, both in features and in users.

The system is under constant development with new features every few weeks and customers requests are often brought to reality.

Unlike any of the other Transport systems on the market, eCoachManager truly excels at marketing - automating many tasks to help secure work with the minimum of effort.

In addition to eCoachManager, PPCnSEO also offer bespoke web design, web hosting, SEO and Pay Per Click advertising.

Our knowledge of the transport industry, cutting edge web development and online marketing techniques position PPCnSEO and eCoachManager in a unique position as leaders in transport management software.