Why Customers Love Good TMS – Transport Management System?

As a transport operator, if you have loads of vehicles you will want to maximise each vehicle’s potential in increasing your business profit. There is an efficient way to achieve this and the solution is simply through investing in new technology.

The new technology nowadays plays an important role to increase your business profit and improve your customer service.

One of the best solutions is to engage in the automation technology called Transport Management System. TMS is becoming a trend to manage all customers who engage in transportation services.

It is easy and convenient to use without them needing to call your transportation company for booking or enquiries.

Here are some reasons why transport business loses their potential customers:

Some Reasons Why Transport Company Lose Customers

Hard to connect on your business phone – Your telephone line is always busy and other potential customers can’t get through your line for a booking or any enquiries. Every minute a customer waits to be answered is a higher chance for them to end their call. If customers cannot get through your phone lines, how can this help you generate your business?

Can your transportation business afford losing many of your potential customers because you weren’t able to answer their phone calls or any enquiries right away? Communication is one of the most important elements for any transport company to be successful. You have to prioritise communication since transport business is heavily reliant on customer service.

Waiting for a long time to receive your services – Your transport company is using a paper–based system to provide your services. It needs to pass many channels in your business before it actually gets through for a proper booking or a quotation. Time is essential for any customer service business. You will lose customers every time they wait for your services. The technology today is changing fast and gets more advanced every year. There is an available system to use now that helps transport company manage instant replies to all customer bookings or enquiries without you directing it. If you invest in the new technology now, it will increase your business profits without even micromanaging.

Unable to provide the number of vehicles requested – Having a reliable coach charter service partner with other transport company will benefit you both ways. First, if there is a large number of vehicles requested which is outside of your capacity to provide, you could ask for the deficit number of vehicles from your reliable transport company partner. Second, vice versa, if they have deficit number of vehicles to provide their customers, they will ask you to provide those missing vehicles as well. This way, you have just proven to your customers that you are a reliable company and you have professionalism.

All of this problems can be dealt with an innovative solution, Transport Management System (TMS). The Transport Management System or TMS will receive 100% of bookings or enquiring customers. It will also lessen administrative duties by a margin but still able to increase the profitability of your business.

Benefits of Transport Management System

Cost Reductions – It will reduce expenditures for office supplies and as well as skyrocketing telephone bills. It can also reduce administrative tasks, your office staff or drivers will no longer need to prepare written reports every day. You can then prevent timesheet and mileage inaccuracies from your employees and drivers. As well as, eliminate dispatch inaccuracies and billing inconsistencies.

Optimise Scheduling – When you pick up and drop off your customers on time, you will achieve customers satisfaction and receive a guarantee to continue using your services. It would also mean getting positive feedback reviews and testimonials for your business. Time management can greatly increase the profitability and productivity of any transport business.

Easy and ConvenientTransport Management System is 100% web–based that you can access anytime and anywhere. Wherever you are and whenever you want, you can run reports and access your data without difficulties. The system can also track your vehicles, send quotes, give pricing, and confirm bookings right away.

Benefits of eCoachManager for Coach Operators

  • Easily gain access to your data anytime and anywhere by using your android devices, iPhones, and laptops.
  • Increase business profits and productivity for your transportation business without being in the office and take all administrative duties away.
  • A complete transportation management solution for all busy transport operators by instantly managing your bookings, sending out quotes, asking for deposits and payments, and tracking all your vehicles.
  • Vehicle Tracking will let you know all your vehicles location & routes they take, and direct them whenever necessary.
  • Customers pay online so you no longer need to send invoices for billing and asking payments to your customers.

With an eCoachManager System administrative works will no longer be necessary to be done in the transport operators office. All the data will be stored on a dedicated server which is cloud–based, accessible anytime and have hourly back–ups automatically. And also, the very significant fact is transport operators will have more time to do their most important things without having to worry about losing any customers.

The eCoach Manager system is an all–in–one innovative solution for transport operators to maximize the profitability of their business. Contact us today for a FREE quotation or to request a schedule for an online demo.