Who could use eCoachManager? And Why

eCoach Manager is a Transport Management System (TMS) which can manage your transport business and increase your company profit.

Some of the most successful coach charter and bus hire businesses in the UK and Australia are currently using eCoachManager to help run their entire businesses. The software not only handles your bookings but it can aid in generating new business opportunities.

Many different business can use this valuable software tool to streamline their operations, including: Coach operators and brokers, taxis, hauliers, minicab companies, public bus companies, medical services, removal companies, schools and colleges and basically any business utilising vehicles.

The Benefits of eCoach Manager

A good TMS system such as eCoachManager can be invaluable to the right company, as its frees up time used on manual tasks for more important duties. It can streamline a company’s procedures by automating them using sophisticated software that is cloud based.

And it can give added benefits to the user including: real time reporting, tracking payments, utilising google maps, sharing jobs with other operators, sending quotes, allocate work or run reports.

Being Cloud based it means that you do not have to download any software and take up space on your server, the system is accessible anywhere and is instant.

What Businesses Can Benefit From eCoachManager

Transport Management Systems have been warmly accepted in the passenger transport business due to the many applications that it can be used for.

And the reality is that any business whatsoever that uses vehicles and transportation on a day to day basis can benefit from eCoachManager. Obviously coach charter and bus hire companies can immediately implement and benefit for TMS software but also:

  • Freight Operators
  • Hauliers
  • Removal Companies
  • Food Distributors
  • Small Aero Industry Companies

eCoachManager software can be adapted to manage freight in the same way as it manages passengers, by identifying a package at origin and then calculating the most cost effective way of sending it to its destination.

All this will mean superb customer service, greater efficiency in the warehouse, reductions in inventory and cash flow improvements.

The Features and Benefits of eCoachManager

These types of transport businesses all have different ways of operating even though they are vehicle based, but there are many common features in eCoachManager that will be beneficial to all.

  • Features – the main features in this TMS system is to offer advanced fleet management, it can contain costs without limiting service, and it will enable operational planning for network performance and manage the transportation lifecycle.
  • Benefits -eCoachManager will control and reduce labour costs, and will give greater service and speed to the customer. It will enable better overall productivity and provide better operational efficiencies.

If you operate any of the above businesses and are considering a Transport Management System, then contact eCoachManager who are at the forefront of TMS technology.

eCoachManager offers one of the best solutions to manage your transport business, and their experts can give full advice how to streamline your company. eCoachManager will supply all the tools you will possibly need to operate your transit operation.

This includes a full suite of scheduling, billing and reporting, along with advanced features that truly will make your operation slick and responsive. By electing to implement a TMS system you are declaring that you wish to employ an efficient system to reap all the rewards that it offers.