Vehicle Tracking and Key Benefits

Do you want to reduce your operating expenses for your transportation company? While also, increase the profit of your business without micromanaging?

Thanks to the advancement of technologies, vehicle tracking is now available to use for all transportation businesses.The system is simple and easy to manage. It is also the most convenient and inexpensive solution for many transportation business operators.

If you own a fleet of vehicles, operating and managing them is never that easy without you or your staff directing everything. With vehicle tracking system, you no longer need to administer your drivers and staff. Instead.

Here are the key benefits you will gain when incorporating a vehicle tracking system to your transportation business.

Reduce Your Operating Expenses

Reduce operational cost – A reduction in operational staff can be one of the best benefits. It will also lessen the demands for office supplies as well as reduce expenditures on telephone calls.

Reduce insurance premium rate – Many insurers offer lower premiums for vehicles fitted with approved tracking systems. Often these special discounts can be as much as 33%. This will be a great money saver for the company.

Reduced administrative tasks for in-house employees and drivers – The tracking system will record all the data by itself, your office staff or drivers no longer need to make a written report everyday. This means less paperwork and workload for your entire staff.

Prevent employees timesheet and drivers mileage inaccuracies – By using the data log, you can keep accurate attendance records of your employees and drivers. And also, eliminate billing inconsistencies and dispatch inaccuracies. Therefore, you will always have peace of mind.

Provide an Efficient and Timely Customer Service

Time saver – A timely pickup and drop off is always necessary to keep the customers happy and also to make them continue using your services. With the use of vehicle tracking system you will be able to make a quick response and be on time to reach your customers. Time is really one of the key elements that could greatly affect the profitability and productivity of a transportation business.

To optimize the route planning – The tracking system automatically creates data log for all the routes taken by your vehicles. Your staff can view and analyze the data log, thus start directing the drivers whenever necessary. You can also save time and money (fuel cost) by optimising your route plan.

Optimise availability of your fleet – The office staff can assign tasks for available idle vehicles by using the tracking system. This is another way to decrease your expenses by reducing fuel consumption.

For Additional Safety and Security

Vehicles visibility in real time – By using vehicle tracking, you will no longer need to guess your vehicle’s whereabouts. If it either goes out of the business zone, or may have been involved in an accident and perhaps has an engine or mechanical problems. You can always pinpoint the exact location of your vehicles.

Additional vehicle security – In any unexpected incidents, it is always important that you can locate and give direct assistance to the drivers. Your office staff can also monitor and track all your fleet of vehicles in real time. By using this tracking system, you will improve your vehicles security and safeness of your drivers.

Ease of Use for Everyone

Accessible Anywhere and Anytime – The vehicle’s location data, status and driver’s behavior are among the most important information that can easily be accessed by the use of the tracking system. You can access the data from anywhere on any android devices, iPhones and laptops.

A vehicle tracking system will reduce your operating expenses, provide an efficient and timely customer service, and increase your business profit by less administration. This system is the best solution for all sizes of any businesses.

So add the vehicle tracking system today and get all this benefits in your business. Contact us for a free quotation or to request an online demo.