Two Giant Australian Bus Distributors New Team–Up

Australian transport companies are constantly embracing the technological advancement in the bus and coach industry. They have supported all different kinds of technology such as comprehensive vehicle management system, alternative eco–friendly fuels, and now there is even a radical new business team–up between two giant bus manufacturers.

An announcement was made of a new team–up between Optare Buses and Bonluck Bus Co. for a “mutually beneficial” business partnership. These two giant bus manufacturers aim to grow their national sales, service support and local presence in Australia.

The Optare Buses is a UK company with having a subsidiary distributor in Australia as BusCorp Oceania (BCO). While Bonluck Bus Co. is a Chinese bus manufacturer have Bus and Coach Sales Australasia (BCSA) as their distributor.

As part of their strategic plan, BCO will handle the distribution of Bonluck Bus Co. buses in WA, SA, Victoria, NSW and New Zealand. And BCSA will manage the distribution of Optare Buses in Queensland and Northern NSW regions.

BusCorp Oceania (BCO)

The BCO General Manager, Jason Pecotic is pleased to be working closely with BCSA as they share similar serious commitments in the bus and coach industry.

Jason Pecotic also revealed on his recent visit to China at Bonluck factory that he saw the extensive range of products being built according to the specification of local conditions.

From luxury coaches for Australia to articulated buses for New Zealand, and nine–metre city buses & coach bodies with European chassis for Australia and New Zealand.

Pecotic was quoted as saying, “Bonluck [is] a dedicated specialist bus and luxury coach builder building more than 5000 vehicles a year and, basically, every bus and coach option they have is now available – and from BCO’s perspective we are very excited to be able to offer every combination available alongside Optare product.”

Bus and Coach Sales Australasia (BCSA)

While the BCSA’s directors, Athol Mckinnon and Rodd Hood are very enthusiastic of the team up to establish an extensive sales and service support for Bonluck and Optare brand across Australia and New Zealand.

Rodd Hood said, “Optare is such an exciting and innovative brand with so many clever features, including their lightweight designs, and we are very enthusiastic about expanding Optare’s footprint in Queensland”.

He also added, “Athol and I have also been intimately involved over the past decade in the design of Bonluck buses to ensure they are built for the unique conditions and climate in Australia and NZ”.

BCSA’s directors have over 80 years of experience with such extensive knowledge in the bus and coach industry. Their experience ranges from a fully qualified bus body builder to sourcing and supplying vehicles. The BCSA’s workshop is equipped with the most advanced machinery and employs the industry’s leading technicians.

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