Trends in School Transport Management

By using modern transport technology, it can give you benefits to easily manage your daily tasks, connect and communicate with your friends or families, and even increase your business profit.

For the many past years, school bus transportation has always been a struggle for both children and parents. They would wait for long period of time for the bus to arrive at the bus stops. It could be that they arrive ahead of the bus schedule or the bus is late because it got caught up in the traffic.

Not only waiting time is the problem but there are other issues that need to be addressed as well, such as:

  • Did they get on the right school bus with a right route?
  • What are they doing while traveling inside the school bus?
  • What exact time will they arrive at the bus stop for you to pick them up?

These are just few of the questions that need addressing, and the answer is like playing a daily guessing game.

Well, there is good news for all! There are now a few entrepreneurs that are making and providing innovative solutions to tackle this long–standing dilemma.

They are now developing school transport management systems and making innovative products to permanently resolve the school bus transportation problem.

Here are few of the trends that are being developed and some that are available in the market currently.

Bus Transportation Tracking

Parents are now more interested to keep track in real time, details of the school buses and of its locations. That way they avoid waiting or rushing to meet their children going to the bus stop. Some schools have already installed vehicle tracking system into their transportation networks. And they are enjoying the conveniences and advantages of the vehicle tracking integrated into their system.

Although, some haven’t fully committed yet to implement this advancement of technology but sooner or later it will be affixed to all school buses. And by then, everyone will enjoy the benefits and comforts of bus transportation tracking.

We also need to consider the bus drivers value in your transport business. They are as important to any of your office employees. And it is vital to make solutions on how to make drivers stay in your transportation company.

Optimize Route Planning

Once you installed the tracking system in your vehicles, it will automatically generate data log for all the routes taken. The data log should then be analysed by internal staff, then the appropriate bus stops can be assigned to the individual students. It is important to match students according to their addresses to save time and money. And also, it is the most effective and best way to optimize route planning.

Any good transport company is only as good as their drivers, no matter what systems they are operating. It is important to remind the drivers to look after their health so they are not absent from work too much.

Vehicles Management System for Transport Managers and Operators

In addition to the vehicle tracking system, there is a complete and excellent solution to manage the transportation business. It is called Transport Management System, some transport operators have started to use vehicles management systems into their company. They are gaining all the benefits and conveniences as well as profit growth for engaging in these innovative solutions.

Transport managers can check accurate records of employees and drivers timesheets. They can also monitor the route taken by the drivers and suggest better routes to take instead. And in case of unexpected incidents, they can dispatch quick assistance to the exact location and give aid to passengers and drivers.

This system is not only applicable for the transportation company, it is also suitable for any inventory and client based business industry.

School Bus Manifest and Attendance

When parents are working from morning until evening, they get worried about their children. They are thinking of their whereabouts and especially their safety whilst travelling in school buses. To resolve these issues, manifest and attendance software is being developed. It will send notifications to parents about their children. If they got on the school bus, what time and as well as the driver’s information.

This software will also notify bus drivers if they are missing any children before they start driving off on their routes. Also the application will contain details of every child and their respective bus stops. With this application, it will also help drivers to recognise the students.

If a child has informed the school of an absence, their details will not appear on the driver’s console screen as well as their routes and bus stops. This will also save valuable time for both drivers and other students, by not stopping or waiting at unnecessary points.

Tracking Application for Parents

Parents are always anxious with regards to their kids. It’s their nature to worry about their children every time, especially going to school and while they’re in school. You can’t blame them for feeling this way because that’s how they value their kids. Here are some of their concerns:

  • Have their children ridden the school bus home or missed it?
  • What are their children doing inside the school bus?
  • Did they get home on time or late?

In order for this concern to stop, there are now being developed tracking applications for parents to provide notifications whenever their children get on and off school buses. It will also include drivers information, bus routes, bus stops and real–time bus tracking.

Video Live Feeds

With the advancement of technology, many things are now possible. Public transports are fitted with, LCD monitors for advertising or entertainment. Internet is now on the buses, with available wifi and camera mirrors. Another upcoming trend that will be most beneficial to all parents is video live feeds. It will give a live feed to both driver console screen and parents applications.

Video live feeds will show who are inside the school bus and what is happening on the bus while en route. This is a milestone of achievement in the world of modern technology. It will also be the next step in safeguarding and enhancing the security of every child taking school buses.

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Using Geofencing

Geofencing is a program that uses global positioning system (GPS) to outline geographical boundaries or setting of restricted areas. It can send alert messages to the administrator once they enter the restricted area.

It will soon be a reality to keep track of your children’s location through school buses and smartphones by using geofencing. Parents will be able to set a particular restricted area by the use of geofencing, and they will receive notifications once their children enter that restricted location. This way it is easier for parents to know their children’s exact location and give them peace of mind.

School authorities can set location restrictions on any particular routes for their school bus drivers. It will also send a notification in case the vehicle goes out of its boundaries. This new technology will also be very helpful to all parents and school establishments.

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