Tokyo Orders 29 Low Floor City Buses from Volgren

A first of it’s kind deal for Tokyo’s bustling transport network!

29 Volgren low floor city buses have been ordered for use in the Japanese city of Tokyo. The buses will be built on Scania N280UB E6 chassis.

At present there are no current localised production of these type of vehicles, with supply only being available from Europe. However, the European vehicles are non-compliant to many Japanese regulations.

Volgren has developed a special relationship with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) who already operate something like 1,450 buses in their region.

Peter Dale – Volgren Chief Executive has been quoted as saying, “Volgren has built up reputation in Japan for manufacturing high quality, niche vehicles”.

Filling the Void

It is these vehicles that will fill the void that others are unable to.

The new batch of vehicles will be built in Dandenong, VIC and will feature specific technology that TMG are looking for.

Each vehicle will be equipped with on-board passenger info systems as well as ticketing equipment. Safety will also be paramount, with buses meeting emergency exit requirements.

Believed to better cater for Tokyo’s ageing population, the low floor buses will increase capacity and provide improved access.

Production is due to commence in May, with completion scheduled by August 2018.

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