Review of Vehicle Tracking Systems

A vehicle tracking system enables transport operators to gain valuable insights into their entire fleet of vehicles and reduce operational cost accordingly. In particular, one of the most important factors to consider is the safety of all vehicles and lower insurance premium costs.

What other advantages of vehicle tracking system can give to transport operators?

The vehicle tracking system provides a wide range of advantages featuring real–time reports and alerts, eliminate dispatch inaccuracies, improve customer service and routing efficiency, increase security, reduce administrative workload, improve fuel management, and much more.

Which one is the right buy for a vehicle tracker system?

When investing in a vehicle tracking system to manage your entire fleet it can be a hard decision to make in choosing from the vast selections available. You need to consider the functionality, cost, purpose and design for the install.

We have identified the best vehicle tracking systems on the market today so that it can help you decide easily. Here is a review of the best vehicle tracking systems to choose from.

Tramigo T23 Fleet

The Tramigo T23 Fleet provides an affordable advanced vehicle tracking system for fleet management and vehicle security. It is suitable for any size of fleet and a perfect solution to monitor your vehicles. Tramigo T23 Fleet offers a diverse range of key features like:

  • Daily activity report
  • Time travelled report
  • Distance travelled report
  • Speeding report
  • Fuel sensors
  • Voltage sensors
  • Geofencing report
  • Idle engine alert
  • SOS button for any distress call
  • Handsfree audio button for calling control center

Tramigo T23 Fleet gives real–time reporting through the app and is accessible anytime & anywhere to any smartphones, PCs or tablets.

Intellitrac – My Cars Gen 3

The Intellitrac – My Cars Gen 3 offers customised alerts and reports to suit any transport businesses needs. It can easily be managed through an app using desktops or laptops, tablets and smartphones. Intellitrac – My Cars Gen 3 gives a full range of alerts and reports such as:

  • Travel time report
  • Distance report
  • Customer location time spent report
  • Daily activity report
  • Working hours report
  • Security system alert
  • Speeding alert
  • Harsh acceleration alert
  • Fuel level alert
  • Power management

My Cars Gen 3 also provides efficient route plans so drivers can conveniently select from optimised routes before even driving.

Telematics TomTom Link 530

Telematics TomTom Link 530 is permanently installed for reliable vehicle tracking. It is perfect for any small or large fleet of vehicles. Once you install the TomTom Link 530 to your fleet of vehicles you will get the benefits of:

  • Real–time tracking
  • Automated alerts
  • Trip report
  • Mileage log
  • Driving behavior
  • Historical data
  • Route replay
  • Speed report
  • Application ready
  • Fuel tracking

Also, TomTom Link 530 offers the benefits of reducing your administration workload which means gaining more of your personal time. You can then be able to monitor and optimise the route of your entire fleet by using this vehicle tracking system.

Ez-273h of Ezy2c

Ez-273h of Ezy2c is developed as a hybrid vehicle tracking solution for a large fleet of vehicles. It automatically changes from mobile to satellite technology whenever it is out of mobile coverage area. It is hardwired installed so maintenance for the battery life wouldn’t be necessary.

Ez-273h of Ezy2c sends numerous security and receiving alerts that can be customised to fit transport businesses requirements. Here are the security alerts available:

  • High impact alert
  • Speeding alert
  • Tamper alert
  • Excess idle alert
  • Service due alert
  • Ignition curfew alert
  • Vehicle low voltage alert
  • Roll–overt alert
  • Harsh braking alert
  • Excess cornering alert
  • Excess acceleration alert
  • Geofencing alerts
  • Geofencing speeding alerts

Ez-273h is optimised and compatible with smartphones, tablets and desktop, so it is accessible anytime and anywhere.



TrackPod is an affordable vehicle tracking solution for businesses that have a small fleet or private vehicles. It is a plug and play device hence it’s easy to install. Trackpod has a basic feature functionality that can be customised to meet the requirements of any transport businesses. Trackpod’s key features includes:

  • Real time tracking
  • Automated alerts
  • Application ready
  • Vehicle history reporting
  • All positions report
  • Trips report
  • Speed report
  • Route replay
  • Service due report
  • Harsh braking and cornering alerts

For those transport operators looking for an entry–level vehicle tracking solution, Trackpod is the perfect brand for it.

If you require an innovative solution to manage your entire fleet, eCoach Manager is an all–in–one vehicle management and tracking system. It offers an affordable price and an efficient solution to maximise the business profit of transport operators. Contact them today to schedule an online demo or for any queries.