Recent Industry News in UK December 2017

Here are some of the latest news articles in the Uk this December from eCoachManager. If you would like us to mention any news relating to your transport business then contact us today!

Go-Ahead owned Oxford Bus Company has now purchased Tom Tappin Ltd.

The services run by the company are the Guide Friday and City Sightseeing Oxford city bus tours. The new company will join the family which also includes the likes of Carousel Buses and Thames Travel.

City Sightseeing Oxford will still continue it’s usual service and as a standalone business under the management of GM Jane Warshall and Ops Manager John Corti.

“Over time, it is anticipated that OBC will bring fresh investment to the City Sightseeing business and that the acquisition will lead to improved opportunities for cross-selling between the City Tour and other Oxford Bus Company brands such as Park & Ride, the airline and X90 coach services, and the new tourist-focused River Rapids routes.” – Mentioned Go-Ahead

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Diesel vs Unleaded

With the upcoming London ULEZ, Ultra Low Emission Zone, deliberating whether to ban diesel, Cummins has provided a reminder of the Euro 6 air quality improvements.

With the growing concern of air pollution, Cummins launched a clean diesel repower initiative. This is to replace the after treatment in old buses to the extremely low emission Euro 6 system.

This is mainly aimed at London, however there are other areas with may adopt the Low Emission Zones, this upgrade will aid pre-Euro 6 buses to operate when the ULEZ is in effect in April 2019. This will not only improve the air quality but will lower the carbon footprint of a fleet.

The upgrade can reduce particulate matter emissions by around 90 percent and Nitrogen Oxide by 50 percent. This could also extend the life of the buses by up to eight years. In running costs, this can reduce the operating cost by around £1,500 to £2,500.

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Reduce The Cost Of Washing Your Vehicle With A Machine Overhaul

Smith Brothers and Webb who are a leading manufacturer in vehicle washing systems are using their expertise in engineering to promote a cost-effective solution to bus and coach operators.

They will be introducing a refurbishment programme that will aim to reduce, operational costs, capital expenditure and downtime.

The refurbished wash machine can be supplied at a fraction of the cost from a new one. Smith Brothers and Webb will operate on a ‘service exchange’ basis where an overhauled machine can be swapped with an old one which means less downtime.
“Our refurbishment programme not only reduces capital expenditure, but it also eliminates the need for additional civil works that would be required when installing a new machine,” says Chairman Harvey Alexander.
“It’s a win-win for operators. Costs are reduced, as is downtime, and customers receive a machine that is like new, bearing all the hallmarks of the Smith Brothers and Webb quality standard, for which we are renowned.”