The Real Cost of Not Going Digital

In modern times, digitalisation is the main beneficial strategy that must be incorporated by small to medium sized businesses. Most of the emphasis is on the small to medium sized companies and there are still a small portion that have not reaped the benefits. The ones that survive are those who are advancing in the digital world and it ensures them that they can flexibly adapt on online strategies.

Going digital is very easy to do however implementation can be difficult. It was reported that around 80 percent of global companies have failed somewhere along the lines of going digital because they don’t know how.

Think about it. If you opened up a business tomorrow, how would your customers know? Or, if you are a company whom have been operating for some time, how do your customers know about your updated products?

In this blog we will point out what the benefits are of going digital. If you need any advice or would like to speak to a digital expert then contact eCoachManager today!

The World of Mobiles

Before the portable boom, many of the businesses digitalised themselves by only optimising their services for desktop viewing. As a minimum, there should have been a creation of your services on the free social platforms that are available these days such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. There are more but these are the favourites.

With technology rapidly increasing especially with portable technology, you may need to invest into your own ecommerce platform, fully optimizable websites, perhaps a mobile app and many others. Businesses these days who already have an online presence are not immune to the constant changes of the evolving digital world.

Having a mobile is a very convenient tool as not only can you benefit from searching the web from your fingertips but you can do this anywhere in the world. Many online search platforms can identify what device is being used and can trigger results based on that search.

Having a fantastic website is great but it is not enough if you are losing customers/conversions as your site can not be viewable on their device.

Business Benefits

There are plenty of great benefits that will aid your business when making the move and that will depend on how you currently operate. Generally with systems/software in the modern era, these have everything you need. From CMS, built-in emails, accounting, real-time reports, easy maintenance and much more.

With this in mind then you can ditch the paper and use the inbuilt software. This will not only make sure you are getting all the information from your customer, but it’s also being automatically backed up and saved on the server. This means if you lose any vital pieces of customer information then it is near impossible and it keeps you safe with the data protection act.

Saving time! You are now able to free up lost time as now it is even easier to locate and manage your information. This means that you no longer need to rifle through file cabinets looking for that customer file.

Another factor would be cost, especially if you are using a lot of paper for your enquiry forms or purchasing enquiry books. With moving to a cloud based service such as eCoachManager you will be getting all of these benefits, plus more!

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To transition over to a digital world should not be daunting and regardless of what industry you operate in there is always ways to go digital.

Are you currently going through a digital transformation? Or, are you looking at making the digital transformation? Contact us today and one of the friendly team would be happy to assist you!