Push to Talk from eCoachManager

Do you miss the convenience of 2 way radio?

Regular users of the cloud based eCoachManager system will be aware that we frequently make enhancements to the software.

We want to ensure that our clients get to take advantage of some of the very latest technology advancements that are available.

One such enhancement that is just going live is our brand new “push to talk” functionality.

What is Push to Talk?

Push to talk technology isn’t new and we are not looking to invent the wheel here!

Often push to talk is referred to as press to transmit as they are in essence one and the same.

A system of two-way radios are used to communicate, with one end being used as the reception and the other as the transmitter. These roles are “swapped” when a user presses the momentary button.

Citizens Band (CB) radio is a classic example of push to talk.

Range and reception are sadly two issues which limit the usage of traditional push to talk devices.

Why Push to Talk from eCoachManager?

We wanted to develop an enhancement to a system that many coach operators already use and bring it into the digital age.

As leaders in technology the challenge was to ensure that operators and drivers alike had a very simple, but beneficial function. Our other key considerations were:

  • Reliability
  • Clarity of Voice Signal
  • Safety
  • Ease of Use

Using the latest technology the Push to Talk function from eCoachManager really delivers.

We are confident that users of eCoachManager and the Push to Talk function will appreciate another strong addition to our bus and coach management software.

Key Benefits of Push to Talk!

Push to Talk from eCoachManager provides a huge range of benefits to your team, including:

  • Real Time Streaming – your driver can pick up the walkie talkie, or use hands free bluetooth and start talking to the operator and all other active drivers. All from the FREE drivers app – That runs on any Android or IOS device.
  • No Distractions to the Driver – There are no complicated menus, functions or screens to navigate. A simple press of the button and your driver is communicating live!
  • Automatically Enabled – The Push to Talk function is ready every time, the driver doesn’t need to enable anything to use it
  • High Quality Voice Integration – An operator while wearing a headset can click the “broadcast to all” button in eCoachManager and start talking to all active drivers
  • Private Conversations – The operator also has the option to instigate a private chat with any individual driver

As you can see there are many benefits that your business will gain by using the Push to Talk function of eCoachManager. Talk to us today to find out how eCoachManager can help support your transport business to the next level!

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