How to Organize a Large Scale Business Event

Many business owners have to face the fact that sooner or later they will be responsible for some form of large business event. This could be a shareholders meeting, a sales seminar for customers or staff training.

Obviously busy CEO’s do not have the time to be hands on for such a project, but they must be capable of delegating responsibilities and leading an events team.

There are key areas to organising a large event which you need to address and get constant feedback on how your team are dealing with them.

Always Focus on the Purpose of the Event

So your business needs an event of some kind? Perhaps to promote your company and products? Or to take your shareholders on a rewarding event? Possibly to attract new employees?

Whatever the reason, never stray away from the purpose and communicate the event clearly and concisely who will organise and attend. It is imperative that you let your organising team what are the goals you wish to achieve so they too can aim for them.

Create an Events Plan

Once you have defined the purpose of the event the next step is to formulate a plan of how you are going to attain it.

Planning a large business event needs attention to every detail of the occasion. This includes group transportation, venue, food, entertainment, accommodation, guest list.

Formulate an events team and allocate responsibilities, draw up a written plan and make individuals responsible for certain aspects.

For instance your warehouse manager could look after transportation, and your accounts people look after the finance side of things. Use your staff’s skills in the areas that correspond on the event planner.

You may be organising an event to boost business but this does not mean you bring every day business to a halt. Divide responsibilities and keep everybody abreast of what is happening and importantly do this communication on a regular basis.

Have a Follow Up Plan

If the goal of your event is to grow your customer base you will have to formulate a plan what your next step is. How you follow up with new leads and handle new customers. There is no point organising a time consuming event and getting a thousand new leads if you have not got a plan how to deal with them.

A vital part of making your event all worthwhile is to delegate a follow-up team with a pre-arranged plan of how to deal with the new leads and customers, and place a time limit on the action with a deadline.

If reading all this makes you despair, then do not worry as help is at hand in certain aspects of event arranging. For instance transportation organisation can be aided by companies such as eCoachManager who have a software system that can really help fleet management. If you are interested in finding out more about this then you can contact them and speak to their friendly experts.