Optimism Abounds in the Australian Bus and Coach Industry

News has just been released from the bus and coach industry of Australia that deliveries of buses and coaches in March 2018 soared compared to the first two months of the year. One hundred and nine brand new vehicles were delivered throughout Australia.

Some of the vehicles went to private companies and some also to public bus companies releasing capital funds. Many of the private companies will be using sophisticated software solutions such as eCoachManager to help keep their transport businesses on track and to grow in the future. To enquire all about how our solutions can help your company, simply contact us online.

Earlier Figures

The March deliveries compare favourably again the first two months of 2018, when ninety one and sixty five vehicles were delivered. Compared to the same period in 2017, the March figure almost doubled that tally.

This points to a gradual increase in the Australian Bus and Coach market which indicates two things. The improvement of the overall manufacturing bus and coach situation and the need for more vehicles on the road in Australia.

Manufacturer’s Figures

The very top of the chassis making manufacturers was no surprise as Volvo once again led the rest with 33 deliveries, which was better than the two previous months. In second spot was Scania but at 30 deliveries it was only three behind Volvo. Scania’s result was remarkable as they only had 19 deliveries as their best previously.

Even companies such as BCI had superb March results, the figure of four in January was quadrupled in February and March to sixteen and seventeen respectively. The remaining chassis manufacturers had less than nine each.

Body Builders

At the head of the body building manufacturers was again Volgren, with an impressive 18. However this bucked the March trend of big increases as it was lower than the previous month which recorded 24 vehicle bodies.

BCI also had a small drop on February’s figures as March was down at 12 deliveries. Both Irizar and Gemilang had strong figures for March with both companies in double figures.

Air Con Figures

The air-con market once again saw Thermo King as indisputable leader, its grip on this competitive market is getting stronger and stronger with a massive 57 deliveries in March. The companies best figure prior to March was 50.

Coming second at a fair way behind was Hispacold with eleven deliveries with the rest of the field under double figures. (Data from OEM provided information)

Market Places

Once again the two biggest marketplaces for new buses and coaches in March 2018 were New South Wales and Victoria. It is hardly surprising because as far as population figures go these two states are the biggest in Australia with 2017 figures posted at 7,861,100 and 6,323,600 respectively.

NSW and Victoria took 66% of all new vehicle deliveries in March, the other leading states were Queensland 17% and Southern Australia with 13%. The only other state that had any sales whatsoever was Western Australia with 4%.

The March figures from the coach and bus industry of Australia are really encouraging. They point to a growth in the whole bus and coach industry with all associated markets benefiting also.

The figures also give a very accurate demographic of Australia’s most lucrative areas in the transport industry in general. The next few months will show if these figures are just a blip or there is really a concerted growth in the bus and coach industry of Australia.