Migrating to eCoachManager from Other Systems

We recognise that bus and coach operators don’t take the decision of which system to use lightly.

Choosing what works best for your business can be a drawn out process and involve many different people in your operation. After all, it is very likely that whatever system you choose to use you will be staying with it for a considerable period of time.

Whether you (like many of our clients) arrive from having not quite achieved the functionality that you expected from another transport management system or are coming from a pen, paper / hard copy diary system it is important to know you are in safe hands.

Here at eCoachManager we understand that putting your faith into a cloud based system can represent a significant move forward. With the above in mind we work hard to ensure that the migration to your new eCoachManager system is as easy as possible.

Migration to eCoachManager

Every single client that uses eCoachManager is different. Some have a handful of buses and drivers, while others have multiple depot’s with hundreds of vehicles, drivers, accounts and users.

The main thing to know is that whatever the size of your business we will be there to help you make the change.

When you decide to come on board to use eCoachManager you will be assigned your own project manager. This is the start of your relationship and he will be working to ensure that the transition to our cloud-based software is as seamless as possible.

You can expect the following:

  • Named dedicated Project Manager who will guide you through
  • An agreed implementation plan that suits you and your timescales
  • Assistance importing driver, vehicles and customer data
  • Importing of historical job data
  • Online training session at your convenience with individuals or as groups
  • At least a weekly call when you are live to check all is running smoothly

We want to make sure that you literally hit the ground running and can maximise the use of eCoachManager from the outset.

Your project manager will work with you in your time-zone to answer any questions that you might have at this early stage. They will explain the process around going live with eCoachManager so you know fully what to expect.

Training sessions on the software are then organised at times that are convenient to you, ensuring minimal disruption to your business day.

Migrating from a System

As we have already said, most of our new clients arrive from having used another system.

Thankfully your project manager has a good understanding of many of these systems and can assist you in getting us the data that we need.

We will work with you to ensure minimal disruption and sign-post an expected date as to when your old system can be fully turned off.

Migrating from Pen and Paper

Even if you don’t have an electronic based system you will still be using some kind of format to ensure your jobs go out on time.

This represents a different challenge and we will make sure that the change to eCoachManager is as smooth as possible. If you are not as computer literate as others this won’t be a problem as your project manager will ensure he goes at a pace that suits you.

Whether it is loading vehicles on, adding drivers or putting entire jobs into eCoachManager you can rest assured that our training and support will deliver.

In next to no-time at all you will be enjoying the key benefits of eCoachManager and delighting in the additional business that you are able to deal with.

Frequently Asked Migration Questions


1. How long does it take to go live?

From a couple of days to a few weeks depending on the size of the operation

2.What information do you need from me?

Staff contact details for those to be trained, driver, customer, vehicles, historical and future journeys data, and contract details (ie school runs), details of your accounting system should you wish toฃ

3.Who can access my new system?

You have complete control over what staff can access which parts of YOUR system. Our project managers will only access your system at a requested from you to resolve an issue. Normally our developers work on the core code and sample data and never access your data.

4.What does cloud-based actually mean?

In its simplest term it’s the internet. so the phrase cloud computing means “a type of Internet-based computing,” where different services — such as servers, storage and applications — are delivered to an organization’s computers and devices through the web.

For you it means no need to run your own servers, worry about power blackouts, computers breaking etc etc. It means FREEDOM! Work from the office, the home, your car your coach or the beach in Thailand

5.What happens to my existing contracts from my old system?

We help you move all data including contracts from scheduled services and school runs etc etc

6.How do you conduct the training?

Majority of training is done out in online sessions with your project manager and one or groups of your team and times that suit you.

7.What documentation is available for me to read?

We have some training videos (more coming) and a built in Wiki (help guide)

8.Who designs the quote request form, and where does it go?

We have several basic responsive designs, we will change to match your website colours, We can also make custom quote forms to suit your needs.

9.Where is my data stored?

Depending on where you are we currently have servers in London, Ireland, Singapore and Sydney. These servers are also multi region which means in each area your data is saved across two independent data centres each with its own power and data supplies