Making the Change from Paper Based to a System

Are you preparing to move desks, offices or even a different location altogether? Or are you simply looking to organise your paper files which have accumulated over the years?

No matter what you are going to do with all your paper files you have collected it can be quite overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be great if you could put these all in one place and not have a congested file cabinet and become stressed out.

Ditch the paper and make to change to store all your information online. eCoachManager is a great cloud based software tool, that helps transport businesses manage their business all in one place – with no mess!

Why Make The Change

By changing the way you manage your business to a digital ‘cloud based’ system, it provides a fantastic solution to making your business lives and day to day tasks that much easier.

By freeing up precious office space than having big, clunky and old fashioned cabinets, this could provide adequate room for another employee or that favourite coffee machine you want in the office.

You can free up more time and you can make it easier to locate, manage your files or even share them with a colleague or customer. Rather than spending too much time sifting through the filing cabinet or one of your colleagues has left the file in their desk without telling you.

All you files will be more secure. This means that data protection and customer details can be taken more seriously and all you files will only be accessed when logging in online.

Cost is a big factor when it comes to waste. Now that you have reduced your office paper supplies there is no need to purchase plenty of A4 sized paper. This could lead to a reduction in printing supplies too.

How Can You Change

eCoachManager can provide you with one cloud based software which can keep everything you need in one place, online.

It is a fantastic vehicle management system for every transport company out there. Whether you are a small to medium coach, minibus, chauffeur or limo company.

It is a low cost management software which has everything from making bookings, handling booking, customer information and reports, payments, and you can integrate your accounts into the software too.

To contact eCoachManager about changing for the best then click here.

To Conclude

So, to help and improve your transport business you will want to consider changing from your old and stressful ways of paper based everything to moving into the digital world.

From freeing up office space, freeing up more time, improving customer data and potential reducing large costs, it makes sense to move over to an improved and efficient way of running a business.

So what are you waiting for, contact eCoachManager today and speak to one of the friendly team members to get you setup for change.