Legislation Requirements For Operators in The UK

If you are an operator operating in the UK that provide commercial bus and/or coach services in the UK then you must have the correct legislation requirements to legally run your transport business.

Depending on your transport services then you may need an O License or an Operator’s License as it is known along with the correct insurances.

What Is An Operator’s License

An Operator’s License or an O License is a necessary legal authority which is needed to operate LGV & HGV vehicles in the UK. The Traffic Commissioner issues the license. If you fail to meet or maintain the minimum standard of operation then the Traffic Commissioner also has the power to take action against a license holder.

This can involve:

  • Curtailment which is reducing/ limiting the number of vehicle the operator can operate at one time.
  • Suspension – this is temporarily stopping all operations
  • Revocation – removing the operator’s license completely and preventing them from operating commercial vehicles.

Would I Need An Operator’s License

If you operate vehicles above 3.5 tonnes (GVW) gross vehicle weight, which are used on public roads, business or for trade purposes then you will need to apply for an operator’s license. This also includes short-term or long-term rental vehicles too.

There are a few different categories of operator’s license these include:

  • Restricted License – Allows the transport of goods but only on own account in Great Britain and also abroad.
  • Standard License – This allows the transport of goods in Great Britain for hire and reward. This also permits transport in Great Britain and abroad on own account.
  • Standard International License – Allows the transport of goods on own account and for hire and rewards abroad and within Great Britain.

Public Liability Insurance

Accidents can happen from time to time when running a transport business and having the correct cover is vital to keeping you covered if a member of the public or customer suffers a loss or injury because of your business.

It will pay the costs of the subsequent legal expenses, compensation claims the the integral cover for your business that regularly interact with your business.

The Public Liability Insurance isn’t compulsory in UK law but it may be needed by your client contracts. Some companies in the UK are obliged by their membership body or regulator to take out PLI.

Maintenance Management Systems

Maintenance Management Systems are used to incorporate processes that each vehicle in your fleet, is thoroughly maintained so it is fit for purpose and roadworthy.

Each operator must incorporate a system for making sure each vehicle that is operated are maintained to the regulations laid down.