Intelligent Buses

Innovative technology and school buses are rarely put together, and although companies such as eCoachManager have been at the forefront of developing software to assist group transportation companies, there are new developments happening to the actual vehicles themselves.


Buses don’t normally have a reputation for technology that is state-of-the-art but advances in developing new technologies are changing all that. Many vehicles now have onboard Wi-Fi and GPS, driver support tools and cameras.

The ideology behind all this growth in technology is all focused on the passenger experience and the development of next-generation vehicles are changing ideas of buses in cities all over the world.

Traditional Public Transport

Across the world, there has been a decline in public transport ridership, so public transport systems have had to reevaluate the services they offer, and how they can operate in a world without fossil fuels and that is better connected.

While some schools have different priorities, most have common fields that they want to improve in how they wish to transport their students.

Next Generation Buses

Safety is the top priority by all schools and transport companies, with other issues such as higher efficiency, better bus routes, enhanced driver and passenger tracking, and simplified communications both with schools and parents also a high priority.

Most of the school tracking systems are not getting concerned with what is happening on the bus itself and not just where the bus is. This type of software such as School Travel Manager helps to manage disruptive behavior and help to control on-board behaviour.

New Technology

Onboard Wi-Fi allows the school to extend the classroom to the vehicle, therefore making transit time more productive. It is possible to set assignments that can be achieved whilst traveling to and from school.
I.D or swipe cards allow schools and parents to know if the children have boarded a vehicle and to track their movements. Cameras increase security and safety both inside and outside the bus, while telematics can monitor the status of the bus which helps the operator to look after his fleet.

What Link the Technology

With all these technological improvements making the buses more intelligent, there needs to be a common factor to tie everything together. And you might already have guessed what this may be? The Internet!

It is crucial that there is Wi-Fi onboard the vehicles, and local government need to ensure that internet connection is available on all school bus routes. If this is done the technology has no limits and the school bus can become smarter and smarter, which in turn offers more safety for the passengers and eventually saves money.

The equipment which is currently available for buses is:

  • Router
  • GP I/O
  • ID cards
  • Cameras
  • Driver tablet
  • Telematics
  • Education broadband
  • GPS

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