The Importance of an Effective Website for Bus / Coach Operators

With digital marketing taking a large proportion of the advertising world, millions of people today now search online for services, products and other things they need.

These days when someone wants to find local or national bus and coach operators they will open a browser and ask their search engine. This means that having an effective website is a crucial element that will ensure your business is found.

First impressions are key when a new client visits your website as it is the first thing they will see . You will need to make sure that it s not only designed well but also user friendly.

This may require you to hire an affordable website design service as they will have the tools to create a professional and effective website for your business.

How The Industry Has Changed

Since the 1950s when the first development of electronic computers, and the first of its kind network system in the early 1960s, the Internet has evolved dramatically. From waiting for your modem to connect to the internet, with strange dialing tones coming from your oversized computer to now having the technology on the go. Today’s online industry is becoming increasingly popular.

As a result, business are having to change the way they market themselves in terms of having an online presence. So, having an effective website is providing you not only to reach your target audience but also let new customers know about your business and converting them to use your service.

Did you know 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making a purchase!

If you don’t have an effective website but one or more of your competitors has, who is the customer going to choose? And, the possibility of you being ‘researched’ by the customer will be less.

The Importance of The Internet In Today’s World

In 1995, it was estimated that 1% of the world’s population had an internet connection. Now we have around 3.5 Billion people online.

With the invention of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube as the main players millions of people use these services everyday. So whether you are a travel blogger or a coach company, people should be able to find you online.

If you need to know how to make one of Gordon Ramsay’s michelin star dishes, where do you go to? Either on your phone to look, or log into your computer at home and straight to Google.

So for example;

Mary is at home planning her trip abroad, because she worked hard all year and is treating her family to time away for two weeks. She goes into Google and searches for transport companies in her local area to pick her up and take her to the airport on her day of departure.

After looking at a few websites she sends her quote requests through or even calls the company.

So how did Mary choose which transport service to choose from? Well, Mainly because the websites she visited, unbeknown to her, had been optimised with SEO and designed effectively that provided her with all the information, looked trustworthy and the website was very easy to navigate.

Key Elements To An Effective Website

  • Firstly, your website needs to have a good visual design. Does your website have a theme, a logo and is it tidy?
  • Secondly, content. The key here is to provide relevant content that your readers want when they visit.
  • Thirdly, ease of use. In layman’s terms, the GPS of the website. If you were a visitor on your site, how easy it is to navigate to what you’re looking for. And, how is the user experience?
  • Fourth, Call to action. How to almost visually tell you readers to take an immediate action on your website.
  • Fifth, Credibility. When a visitor is on your website one of their reactions would be, can I trust this service?

Lastly, is it mobile friendly? With more and more people now using portable technology is your website enhanced for mobile devices. If not, then you could be losing potential business/readers.

To take your site to the next level, there are a few key elements that must be covered. Most of us will contact an affordable website design service, who can provide plenty of advice and a professional service.