How To Attract and Keep Drivers at Your Company

The way your company attracts, hires and keeps drivers has probably changed a great deal over the years, and this will continuously evolve as the future generations of talent becomes key to the business.

These cohorts or millennials as they are called are now more than ever aware of their true worth to a coach hire company. They are better educated and possess more skills than their predecessors, and are increasingly becoming the backbone of many transport businesses.

So just how do you attract this new generation to come to your company, and once you have done this, how do you keep them? Recruitment can be an expensive and lengthy process, especially to find the right fit. HR departments need to understand what this new breed of drivers require from a career that will help sustain and drive company growth.

Are Drivers Getting Older?

In general the average age of commercial drivers is getting higher, as not enough young people are joining the industry. Low wages are part of the problem, and poor management is certainly a part of the equation. Because of the unsocial hours many drivers suffer, some drivers have a poor working / social life combination.

What Can Operators Do to Solve The Problem

Operators can change their philosophy and sit down and listen to their drivers, hear their concerns and their wishes.

A common complaint is pay, considering the responsibility of the job. So if for whatever reason you can not be the best payer, could you offer something else?

Perhaps thank your drivers more regularly for their effort, ask for their opinions more often, give bonuses out for a job done well, rewarded good performance with extra training and promote good employees.

Operators can also use transport management software systems to make their driver’s life both easier and more efficient. Companies such as eCoachManager have systems that enhance drivers work experience as well as adding valuable assistance to the business.

Many drivers feel that it is just a job and not a career, smart operators make their drivers feel more part of the business. Make sure personal conditions, contracts, are up to standard. Look at competitor rates of salary and terms and ensure you keep up to at least a level par.

Recruit From Further Afield

If you are having problems finding new drivers then perhaps looking further afield could be the answer. However, recruiting from abroad is often a short term measure as many of these drivers wish to return home after making sufficient money.

A far better idea is try to recruit young people into the industry. This can be done by offering apprenticeships, going to local schools and colleges and give promotional talks about your company and the industry. Employ social media and youthful platforms to recruit, and encourage trade associations run marketing campaigns.

There is no certainty in any of the above, but as an operator you need to gear up for change, understand the importance of drivers in your business and reward them well.