Getting Started With eCoach Manager

eCoachManager is a software system that was developed specifically as a solution for the transport management of either private hire or contract vehicles. Ideal for all manner of transport operators from hauliers, coach and bus operators, and chauffeur companies.

The specially designed software makes the handling and management of bookings simple, it also facilitates the allocation of vehicles and drivers and helps to deliver invoicing, client confirmations, work tickets and incorporates a built-in sales ledger.


eCoachManager incorporates many features within the system including: real time reporting, google maps, tracking payments, easy access, job sharing, and maintenance.

  • Real Time Reporting – is the facility that can track how your business is doing at any time of day or hour. It allows for real time messaging for drivers and clients.
  • Google Maps – eCoachManager utilises Google Maps for travel times, distances and address searches.
  • Tracking Payments – customers can login to the system, pay deposits and get instant quotes, they can also make amendments and delete driver login’s. Worksheets and reports are also instantly viewable.
  • Access Anywhere – hosted on safe and dedicated servers, clients can access information anytime and anywhere. They can get instant viewing on new quotes, they can also price jobs or even allocate work whilst in transit, then perhaps run reports when they get home.
  • Job Share – the software allows one company to share jobs with other eCoachManager users.
  • Maintenance – all upgrades and maintenance work is automatic and included in a low cost monthly rental for eCoachManager software.
  • Accounting – the software allows integration with most standard accounting software such as Sage.

Getting Started

Having made the decision to enhance and grow your business with eCoachManager you will receive a welcome email from us. The mail will inform you of the next steps required for your business to become fully integrated with the software.

The first step is to gather the relevant information that will be required by the eCoachManager system that includes:

  • Driver details (name, phone etc)
  • Vehicle types (10 seater, standard 70 seater bus etc)
  • Company vehicles (make, model, reg no)
  • Customer database (CSV or XLS Format)
  • Current contracts (customer details, contract details, prices)
  • eCoachManager users (users and administrators details)
  • Invoice logo (JPG, JPEG etc)

Our helpful staff will assist your administrators to input the information, and once this stage is complete we can move on with the training.

The training basically goes through how to use eCoachManager, and it will specifically focus on the areas that are important to your business. The training takes place online with and we will send you a code to join the meeting.

How Long Does The Process Take?

From making the decision to start with eCoachManager to the system becoming fully operational will take approximately two weeks.

If you would like to know more about eCoachManager then phone UK +44 (0) 207 0971 237 / AU: 1300 188 929 / South Africa +27 21813 5910 or contact us and use our online chat facility or leave a message on the form.