The Future of Transport Management Systems

A Transport management system or a TMS enables the user to have all the necessary services in one place for their transport business. If you don’t have one already then maybe you should consider using one for your business as not only are they innovative but are secure, sound and enable the user to do their job whilst keeping everything cost effective.

Are you using a TMS?The transport management system such as eCoachManager not only handle some of the most successful coach companies in Australia and the UK but these companies run their entire transport business through the TMS.

When Did It All Start?


Transport management systems are completely different now than when they were first introduced in the 1980’s. These were small applications with very basic features.

The main aim of the TMS was to aid shipping companies in increasing efficiency and to decrease transportation costs by allowing them to manage transportation orders and to choose modes. This systems are still used for these companies today but they have advanced to other industries. The latest TMS offer fully comprehensive solutions to deal with all aspects of a transport business.

These transport management systems are becoming more and more affordable and they are always evolving to meet the ever increasing expectations and demands of the clients. With every update comes enhanced features and mobility, improved user interaction and better analytics. They are designed to increase efficiency, reduce the inventory and improve your cash flow.

The demand for TMS applications has grown steadily over the past years and is likely to continues till 2018 to around the mid 2020’s. It is said that the market will reach saturation by this point.

What’s it like in the future

There is a lot of technology out there which are more advanced than other, however some of this technology you may not have heard of.

Cloud-based TMS/Transport Management Systems – One of the main benefits of a cloud-based TMS is that they are cheaper to implement and maintain. Companies now don’t need to purchase expensive servers and have a large amount of staff. This system can be accessed from anywhere which makes it easier for companies to obtain real-time information and make decisions quicker.

Integrated with other office systems – with many other programs which are installed on computers to help you and your business, such as word and spreadsheet etc. These could be integrated into a transport management system. Users will not have to worry about the costs in integrating this.

There are a lot of other features that can be included in the TMS such as cutting edge technologies like GPS satellites, mobile phone and AI or artificial intelligence. By 2018 some of these applications will have further advanced into full optimising these systems.

Integrating TMs with marketing, distribution, sales and customers services all in one place.

If you haven’t or currently have this technology in place at the moment then you should check out eCoachManager’s Transport Management System.