Fundamental Mistakes that Coach Operators Make

There is often no right or wrong operating a passenger transport service the business mainly runs around what works and what does not. The level of competition is so high these days that operators have to seek new innovative ways of transporting their customers whilst remaining profitable.

In order for a coach operator to succeed you have to remember who you are serving, namely the customer. Many operators have failed by taking their eyes off the ball in this respect.

Some operators that have failed lost sight of why they operated and just concentrated on profits. Customer service has to be the main focus and never lose sight of that.

Not Changing With the Times

Some coach operators do not have a future business plan and are happy just going ahead as they always have. It is imperative in any business you have a plan to follow and constantly update it.

New technologies, regulations, and competition are always emerging and you must be prepared to embrace them or challenge them, but never leave them alone. New software technologies are constantly being developed to help coach operators with many facets of their business, such as eCoachManager which is a cloud based technology that can help streamline operations.

Not Valuing their Drivers

It is one of the most baffling mistakes that many businesses make and that is not valuing and taking care of their employees. In a coach and bus operator business the drivers are the number one customer facing member of staff that you have, they represent your company to all intents and purposes and represent the entire business.

It is imperative that the drivers know they are appreciated, they should be regularly appraised and trained and given every advantage that is available to help their job be as easy as possible.

Not Listening to Customers

Customer feedback is your opportunity to fix things that are wrong and to take advice to improve your operations. What your customers think about you is the lifeblood for your business, do not make the mistake that they are all winging old women, take on board their comments and show them you are taking steps to rectify their complaints. Bad reviews and comments spread far faster and wider than good ones so do not ignore any complaints.

Keep Focused on What the Customer Wants

Too many transport operators lose sight of what their customers really want, they get hung up on other aspects of the business and lose focus.

In the main, passengers on a coach or bus want three things: to leave and arrive on time, to travel in a clean vehicle, and to get value for money. Anything over these three things is not essential for the success of your business.

That is not to say that you should ignore things like customer service and modern technology, but pay the most importance to the core values that customers need.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Always keep tab on what your competitors are up to, and respond swiftly. The best way to stay ahead is to be in front in the first place.

Never think as marketing as an expensive luxury, digital and social media marketing should be a constant priority. If the general public are not aware of your business then how can they possibly book with you.

Professional digital marketing companies such as Voova Digital can make a real difference to your business, for a relatively modest fee.

If you are interested in knowing all about software systems that provide solutions to manage transport businesses then contact eCoachManager and our knowledgeable and friendly advisors can explain the system fully to you.