eCoachManager Blog Review

eCoachManager has one of the most definitive and up-to-date blog pages section which is constantly updated with current industry news items and relevant important information on everything that is pertinent in the world of eCoachManager.

Our recent blogs have included, Getting More Economy from your Vehicles, Push to Talk, Migrating to eCoachManager, and recent UK Industry News in December 2017.

Getting More Economy from your Vehicles & Reducing Operating Costs

Fuel economy for transport companies has always been a hot topic, as reducing your company’s fuel bills will dramatically reduce operating costs.

The blog investigates how to test for fuel economy and the factors that affect a vehicle’s use of fuel. It then goes on to suggest how to reduce the operating costs apart from the running costs and the maintenance of the fleet.

Push to Talk from eCoachManager

The Push to Talk blog posted on January the 7th 2018, took a look at the new communication device released by eCoachManager. It was an update on their cloud based software.

Push to Talk is actually nothing new, eCoachManager wanted to improve in the old tried and proven communication technology, and so developed their software to do so. Enhancing clarity and adding additional features.

The improved software provides a huge raft of features including: high quality voice integration, real time streaming, automatically enabled, and no distractions to the driver.

Migrating to eCoachManager from Other Systems

The December blog of 2017 discussed the issues arising of a transport company migrating their system over to the eCoachManager software.

It discusses the needs and wants of a coach operator differ from company to company, and some systems may not be as comprehensive and offer the same functionality that eCoachManager does.

The blog delves into how the cloud-based system can improve the profitability of a company and how easy it would be to move over from their existing system and adopt eCoachManager.

Review of Vehicle Tracking Systems

This informative article discusses the types of vehicle tracking systems that are on the market, and the features and benefits that they bring to transport companies.

It further delves into how a transport management and vehicle tracking system can help to reduce operating costs and aid efficiency. It touches on: alerts, real-time reporting, the improvement of customer service, the elimination of dispatch inaccuracies, the efficiency of routing, the reduction of administration work and the improvement of fuel economy.

The wants list for why you would need a vehicle tracking system as a transport operator are highlighted, and that you would need to understand the functionality you would need, the cost of the system, and the purpose and design for the installation.

If you are interested in transport management systems and want to keep up with the latest news, then keep abreast of eCoachManager’s blog pages. If you do not really understand what this kind of software can bring to a transport company, then why not contact eCoachManager who are the experts in the field.