Are Your Drivers Being Paid Correctly ?

In any business, it is highly important if you want to keep your employees to pay them well and at least what the standard going rate for their job role is. The drivers of buses and coaches are no exception, and in an industry that is notorious for high staff turnover, this issue is particularly important.

There are software packages such as eCoachManager that have been designed specifically for the transport industry that can assist in tracking the driver working hours. So you know exactly what to pay them, but how much you pay your drivers is up to each individual coach operator.

What Should You Be Paying

Driver payment is a highly complex issue, first, you have to find out the number of hours worked, then overtime, and perhaps weekend rates and bank holiday rates. Software can help you log all this information but getting to the correct figure is often a struggle.

There are minimum union rates that must be adhered to when you pay your drivers, but some might be on a higher rate, and each and every driver must be paid correctly. The issue is so complex that it is almost an industry norm that mistakes are almost inevitable.

One of the driver’s biggest gripes with their employers is about incorrect pay, and it is one of the most common reasons why they leave the company.

Solve the Issue

Elevate your company and put in place technologies such as eCoachManager that can work in tandem with accountancy packages to alleviate any mistakes. Worksheets can be incorporated with salaries and cut out any anomalies.

So it is possible for companies to pay their drivers exactly the right amount, and cut the hassle and confusion entirely. This will not only make the drivers happier it will also cut administration costs and the overall operating cost.

Include Incentives

Why pay the lowest rate you can? In the short term, it may cut the wages bill down but it is a waste of time as you will continually be hiring new drivers as other leave for better-paid positions.

If it all about operating costs then this can be resolved by incentives that are based on profit related activities. This is not to say you encourage drivers to speed and complete their assignments as quickly as possible.

Far from it, it may be to observe the optimum driving speed to keep fuel costs down. Perhaps planning their journies with more care so fewer hours are spent on the road. There are many ways that drivers can positively save you money, and you should reward them. That way you can increase the money they earn and improve your net profit.

If you would like to know more about the eCoachManager system and what it can do for your transport company then contact us today.