The Different Kinds Of Businesses That Could Benefit From A Transport Management Software System

What is a Transport Management System? These type of transport management systems are computer based software intended to manage transportation operations and deals.

The software systems assist not just coach charter and bus hire companies but can be used for just about any transportation business. The software helps in controlling the day to day processes involved in transporting people and goods. It can assist in billing and invoicing, and it will also offer real time vehicle tracking, true transport cost, and customer service control.

What Do Transport Management Systems Actually Do?

The transport management systems provide an overall solution for operations, fleet management, passenger information and all business management.

The benefits include: cutting costs, enhancement of transport planning efficacy, resolving of customer complaints, quick response to any accidents and incidents and to manage non fixed route operations.

These are just some of the benefits and mostly concerned in coach charter or bus hire type businesses.

What Other Businesses Could Benefit From A TMS System

Although Transport Management Software Systems have been warmly embraced by the passenger transportation industry there are many applications that it can used in for the benefit of the business.

In reality any business that utilises transportation and vehicles as part of their day to day enterprise can benefit from such software.

Apart from coach charter and bus hire companies the following businesses can easily implement Transport Management Software to help operations.

Freight Operators, Removal Companies, Hauliers, Small Aero Industry Firms, Food Distributors, etc.

Rather than managing passengers, the software can be adapted to manage freight in the same way. It can see a package at origin and work out the most cost effective way of sending it to its destination efficiently and reliably.

This in turn will provide increased customer service, better warehouse efficiency, new delivery capabilities, inventory reductions and lead to cash flow improvements.

Features and Benefits Of A TMS System

Although our listed businesses are not exactly the same, there are certain features and benefits that remain constant to them all.

  • Main Features – It will offer an advanced fleet management software, it will balance costs and give constraints with service goals, it will support the transportation lifecycle from order management right through to delivery, and finally it enables operationally feasible planning for reliable network performance.
  • Main Benefits – The software will help to decrease transportation and direct labour costs, it will give improved customer satisfaction and service, it will give increased planner productivity, and it will give operational efficiencies and enhanced agility.

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