Customer Safety First Concern for Ireland’s Largest Public Transport Company

Here at eCoachManager we have been working closely with group transportation companies across the globe to assist them in streamlining their businesses and to aid performance.

During our in depth consultations with our clients the recurring theme from each and every one of them is that of passenger safety.

In this blog we look at the biggest public transport company in Ireland that highlights the concerns of passenger safety.

17 May 2018

Dublin Bus made a special announcement today for the attention of the 140 million customers it transported in 2017. It focused on safety awareness in a unique promotional video it released in the media.

The video is to help support its many patrons that use its extensive services, in respect how to behave and travel safely on their vehicles. Also how to be aware of other passengers and their needs too.

Dublin Bus

During the peak transport hours in the Irish capital, Dublin bus carries over 70% of all commuters on its twelve hundred buses. Dublin Bus carries over sixty percent of all commuters in Dublin and its outskirts, and its customers have a variety of needs.

The transport company carries students, parents with young children and also people with disabilities. The company feels that with the increase in smartphones together with the free Wi-Fi on Dublin Bus, that it is much easier for commuters to get distracted today.

Dublin Bus are adamant that their patrons have a safe and hassle free commute and are able to access all safety features on board their vehicles.

New Safety Video

Because of all of the above, and the addition of new modern vehicles with additional safety features, Dublin Bus have released a new safety video.

The video highlights the key areas that passengers must be aware of when travelling by bus. Some of the things highlighted are pretty much common sense, such as safe queuing at bus stops, how to move up and down stairs, and taking advantage of the handrails.
But also the video focuses on how to be vigilant whilst on board and to be more in tune with the environment. And to do all of this before turning on your mobile device and tuning in to social media.

A spokesman for the company released the following statement about the video: “The safety of our customers has always been and will remain a priority for Dublin Bus. In an age where public transport users are becoming increasingly more reliant on the use of mobile technology during their journeys, it’s easy to see how some can switch off or become distracted while travelling on the bus. We’ve created this video as a guide for our customers to know the key areas which will ensure their safe and comfortable journeys.”

The Video also has important information for older passengers and those that have mobility issues. It highlights the safety features on board their vehicles including accessibility ramps and buses that can be lowered to aid boarding and alighting.

Dublin Bus have highlighted their concern for the safety of the modern day passenger, as there are many distractions with new technologies in the modern world.