Customer Advantages for Companies That Have Vehicle Management Systems

Vehicle management software is now proving to be a really positive tool for many transport companies that transport passengers from A to B.

For coach charter companies and bus hire businesses a management system such as eCoachManager offers so many benefits. They include:

  • Real time reporting
  • Maintenance
  • Tracking payments
  • Access to the system from anywhere in the world
  • Sharing jobs with other operators

These and associated benefits of the software tracking system act as a logistics solution for any such business.

eCoachManager is the perfect software, providing coach operators and similar business with the ability of managing their bookings from beginning right to the end. It also integrates into the firm’s accounting software.

The new vehicle management system software does a great deal more than simply identify where the vehicle actually is. It brings a raft of benefits than just location spotting.

The Benefits of the Tracking System to the Passenger

So what do all these features mean to the passenger of the transport business, do all these benefits also affect the end client?

The simple answer is yes, the passenger benefits in many ways.

  • Ease of Booking – How many times have you tried to book group transportation and been frustrated that you are not getting clear answers to your enquiries. Either that or the phone just rings out and nobody answers. Think how much easier it would be if you could keep up to date with your booking on line. You could change pick up times, amend routes and change dates all with a click of a button.
  • Passenger Safety – The new vehicle management systems check when the vehicle is due for a service, and follows that all necessary maintenance work is carried out when it should be. This ensures that the passenger is secure in the knowledge that the vehicle he is travelling in adheres to all safety procedures. Features such as eCoach Manager’s Check & Track allows daily vehicle checks which also adds to safety.
  • New Passenger Modules – Some of the more advanced software systems have a passenger mode included in the software. This is particularly advantageous to schools and universities as it also tracks the passenger as well as the vehicle. By the use of a swipe card system everybody boarding or alighting the vehicle is logged, therefore parents and schools know exactly who is on the bus and when, plus also if somebody has not boarded.
  • Job Sharing – A coach charter company through the software, can share jobs with other operators if demand exceeds their vehicle capacity. The benefit to a passenger is that they are secure that transport will arrive, and they will not end up standing on the street.
  • Cost – One of the great advantages of transport businesses operating management systems is that their operations become streamlined and costs are reduced. Therefore passengers can benefit with lower fares and prices.

Vehicle Management System Profitability

Vehicle Management Systems streamline transport companies businesses. This in turn increases profitability and allows the transport businesses to grow, purchase newer and more vehicles and offer better service.

All this benefits the customer and passenger, as a profitable business tends to stay in business far longer than an unprofitable one. Thus the transport company and the client can strike up a solid relationship, and the coach charter company can understand their clients needs and deliver a top service on all counts.

If you would like to know more about vehicle management systems, then contact eCoachManager, their friendly staff will be happy to answer any query you may have.