Coach Equipment Manufacturer Offers Hope to Coach Operators in the UK

There is great optimism for coach operators who wish to use Euro V coaches in London without having to pay a fee. Irizar is hoping to offer a solution to the problem that they will be phasing into production in April 2019.

London operates an Ultra Low Emissions Zone, and as other towns and cities in the UK are proposing their own Clean Air Zones this can be good news for them also. Local governments have devalued older coaches so many coach operators cannot bridge the gap between their existing fleet and the new Euro VI compliant replacements.

eCoachManager can also provide assistance as the software system can record information on every vehicle and which part of your fleet may have to be fitted with remedial equipment to comply with regulations.

Irizar Statement

A spokesman for Irizar issued a statement why the company has decided to act in this matter, We cannot face seeing our loyal customers being forced out of these urban areas, and have decided to develop an affordable and effective solution that will enable Irizar Integral coaches fitted with the DAF PR265 360hp Euro V engine to achieve Euro VI conformity and to continue to operate freely.

To be able to achieve this, Irizar has teamed up with the British company GreenUrban Technologies that are specialists in exhaust emissions. They are tasked to produce a system that can be retrofitted to the one hundred plus Irizar Integrals which currently use a PR265 engine. The fact that GreenUrban has underwritten the ability of the system to be certified when the appropriate time comes.

How it Works

The existing catalyst is an SCR, and the new GreenUrban catalyst will have a greater cell density covered with a precious metal which allows for higher dosages of AdBlue that ensures maximum NOx conversion without any ammonia slip. The advantage of this is that it can use the existing CANbus network vehicle system.

The SCR unit monitors the NOx inputs and outputs which ensures that the vehicle conforms to Euro VI limits.

Particulate and unburned hydrocarbon emissions are thus minimised by the addition of a diesel particulate filter and diesel oxidation catalyst. Usually this features a ceramic filter but in this case it utilises a silicon carbide element.
This element is able to operate at higher temperatures than the older ceramic filter and has a precious metal coating which triggers passive regeneration at lower temperatures which is ideal for low-load and urban environments. There is also a reduction of harmful emissions of up to 95 percent.

When the GreenUrban system is finally approved then there is no reason why the Irizar Integral coaches cannot be certified by the DVSA. They will then contact the Transport for London and any other relevant commissions.

It is hoped that similar systems can aid other coach manufacturers and operators to assist older engines to be retrofitted in a similar way.