Coach and Bus UK 2017 Highlight News

The Coach & Bus UK 2017 were phenomenal success in exhibiting the latest automobile, devices, and innovative solutions for bus & coach industry. It was a two–day event of the biennial show which was scheduled from 4th to 5th of October.

The show received a total of 5,908 attendees that included senior executives, owners, CEOs and managing directors from all of the UK’s biggest coach and bus operators. Coach & Bus UK 2017 featured 191 companies showcasing advance sets of vehicles, systems, technologies, accessories, and equipment available in the market today.

Coach & Bus UK 2017 firmly established itself as a “must–attend” event for UK transport operators to learn the latest innovations, solutions, and systems. As well as creating a perfect opportunity for exhibiting companies to gain excellent quality new leads and quantity of orders just over two days.

Latest Technology And Equipment

There were lots of companies who displayed their interesting latest advanced products and some also to look out for in the upcoming months. Here are some companies to mention who attended:

  • The 21st Century Technology displayed their smart–vision device, a rear–view monitoring system that automatically adjusts to any light and weather conditions and perfect solution for lateral blind spots.
  • Actia Uk introduced their latest electric motor suitable for electric buses.
  • Teletag Reader was the spotlight of Cameron Forecourt, it will provide an automated, hands free, fuel pump control solution.
  • The newest generation of digital tachograph of Continental Automotive and they also showcased other numerous products to be released for later this year.
  • Fältcom showed off their very small solid–state computer unit. It will allow the operators to manage their fleet remotely from CCTV images, to tachograph data, or to check for any breakdowns.
  • The Masabi – JustRide mobile ticketing and fare collection management system will also able to accept other fare payment methods like contactless cards or via the app.
  • Mix Telematics offered their Mix Vision product that has a dual video image recording system facing the road and driver.
  • Suzohapp of Scan Coin featured their CDS–9, it is designed to manage banknotes, coins or tokens for bus fare.

These companies offered their latest technologies that can help in providing a safe, convenient and competitive edge to all transport business. If you need an excellent vehicle management system that will manage all customers, we recommend you to invest in the latest development system.

Parts and Refurbishing

  • Alcoa featured their aluminum wheels and demonstrated some of the new cleaning products and equipment for wheels.
  • For interiors of your vehicle from floor to wall is the fabrics of AT Industries, it showcased its new product “Spradling” materials, which is designed as a leather–like coated fabric and much more stretchable than leather.
  • Hanover promoted its numerous specialty LED lettering products for destination displays. Among the products was an infotainment TFT screen for onboard passengers.
  • With a vast range of tires displayed by TD Tyres, the highlight of their product range was the new Barum range with sensors fitted in.
  • The family–owned company, Wheel and Motion, showcased their new set of designs of wheel trims.

For latest trends and news about transportation business, here are more helpful articles for transport operators.

Software and Apps

  • Introducing the Clockwatcher Elite by Aquarius IT, it will manage tachograph data, as well as daily driving defects and maintenance checks.
  • A newly developed platform from Capte is the Buskeeper and is to be officially available in 2018. It will provide a solution for GPS tracking, passenger information, fuel management and a remote download of tachograph.
  • Omnibus offering new training courses, announced by the Peter Crichton, MD. They also showcased their, OmniTIMES, OmniBASE, OmniROTA, and OmniMap software systems.

There are plenty of software and apps being featured in the event which are beneficial for transport operators. Here is a cost–effective, convenient and innovative solution in managing your fleet of vehicles without micromanaging.

Uniforms or Workwear

Uniform Express offers their soft shell jackets which are the most popular to–date. For younger drivers who would prefer polo shirts, they have fabrics that don’t necessarily require ironing. Few uniform samples were displayed to demonstrate how companies can incorporate their logo designs into the shirts.

For a much more detailed list of companies and their products and services, visit coach & bus UK 2017 website.

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