Bus Safety for School Students

It has always been a great concern for parents, bus operators and schools how to transport school students properly. So that they are safe and protected travelling to and from school and on any field trips during school hours.

How Can Parents Help

Parents can help in many ways and their duty of care includes getting their children to the bus stop safely. Always walk children under ten on a quiet route that you have previously vetted.

Hold their hands when you cross roads or approach dangerous situations and / or wait for the bus. Stand well back whilst waiting so you and your children are well away from any traffic.

And the golden rule is always approach the bus from the front, so that the drivers can see you at all times.

Getting Off the Bus

The most dangerous times for your child travelling by bus is getting off and on, especially alighting after school.

Always meet your child at the bus stop never over the road, if you cannot be there on time then organise a responsible adult friend to take your place.

Wait until the bus has left then cross the road if you have to. Parents should sit their children down and give them the appropriate advice on road safety and how to cope if an emergency arises.

Tell your child what to do if the following situations arise:

  • You are delayed and are not there to meet them
  • If for some reason they take the wrong bus or are delayed
  • Or if they get off at the wrong stop by mistake

Crossing the Road

It is of the utmost importance that your children are aware of the dangers of crossing any roads, and instil in them the procedures that they must take by the four golden rules.

  • Stop! One yard back from the kerb
  • Look! Both ways all the time
  • Listen! For traffic approaching
  • Think! Do you feel safe to cross

Informal School Bus Stops

These type of bus stops are not usually in city environments are are more likely to be found in the countryside. They could be almost anywhere, on the side of a road or by a well known building.

When driving these stops are not easily recognisable and may be difficult to see. If you are using an Informal School Bus Stop extra care must be taken. It may be wise that your child stays on the bus a little longer to get off at a more secure stop.

Recently there has been some well needed assistance in child safety and transport, cutting edge companies such as School Travel Manager have developed software systems that are designed specifically for the safety of children traveling to and from school and on school trips.

If you would like to know more about such systems then you can contact School Travel Manager to see exactly what they can offer.