Australian Bus News – Volvo Opens AUD$35 Million Dealership

Hot news out of Sydney is the opening of a brand new AUD$35 million Volvo Buses dealership. Commitment to customer service and support and continually enhancing the customer experience were statements emanating from Volvo officials.

The brand new, large Volvo facility is located at Prestons which is southwest of Sydney near the M7/M5 interchange. So the position of the new facility is perfect for servicing Volvo buses from all over the city and the state.

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Service Department

The state-of-the-art facility does not just focus on sales, in fact, the service area has a modern and fully equipped service bays that are totally dedicated to buses and coaches. There is also a team of a dozen fully trained specialist key Volvo bus and coach technicians, who are all RMS approved.

The facility offers; onsite bus brake and roller testing, three dedicated bus-only service and support vans. The principal of the dealership, Greg Sargeant was quoted as saying, We expect our service and support to be second to none for bus and coach customers in the region.

24/7 Assistance

The bus and coach dealership will operate a dedicated 24/7 bus-dedicated roadside assistance van and service, and two other bus-only support vans for maintenance support at customer’s own facilities.

While we leverage greatly from our commonality with Volvo Group Trucks in our organization, for a very long time now we have seen tremendous advantages in setting up dedicated bus teams who have specialist bus and coach knowledge – Lauren Downs, GM of Volvo Bus Australia.

Dedicated Team

The focus of buses and coaches only is nothing new for Volvo. This philosophy of having a dedicated bus service team has been set up all over the Volvo Australian network, including Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Newcastle as well as other more regional sites.

The same structure can be seen in the Australian head office of Volvo, which boasts the biggest dedicated bus team in the whole Australian industry. Bringing together over two centuries of bus and coach expertise.

The new Volvo dealership and service centre is in addition to the other Sydney Volvo dealership at Blacktown which was also a purpose-built for buses and coaches.

These two state-of-the-art facilities are in key areas for Volvo customers and combined they provide excellent coverage, support and service in Sydney. These two depots replace the old Chullora dealerships.