Account Management & Control – Best Practices that Relate to Bus Companies

Luckily managing the entire fleet today is not outrageously difficult anymore because of the advancement of technology. An innovative solution to manage an entire fleet of vehicles is by using a Transport Management System (TMS). eCoach Manager is a flexible, cloud–based, transport management system that can be tailor–made to suit any small or large bus companies.

Once you use this system, not only will you have advantages in managing your entire fleet, you will also instantly receive an upgrade on your accounting system and be able to easily manage and control your company’s expenses.

Here are some key benefits you will receive from the incorporated accounting management system like eCoach Manager.

Accurate Employees Timesheet

All data autosave in the system, so office staff and drivers don’t need to make daily written reports for time tracking. This will also save usage of office supplies as well as lessen making paperwork and drastically reduce workload for the entire staff.

By using the data log, accounting staff can get accurate attendance timesheets for all employees and drivers.

Track Payments

The eCoach Manager will automatically manage all bookings, price quotes, invoicing, track payments from deposits to balances, summary reports, and even customers. Imagine how much time accounting staff will spend if they have to work manually on all these tasks.

It will take away 80% of administration time and would mean less personnel to handle the accounting department chores.

Schedule Check–Up Maintenance

The TMS solution can provide vehicle diagnostics such as fuel level, engine temperature, engine oil and an overall health of the vehicle. This will help save time and more money rather than taking those vehicles to a mechanic for a routine check–up.

This will ensure that accounting staff can correctly schedule any check–up maintenance needed for each of the vehicles in your fleet.

Reduced Operating Expenses

Transport businesses can have reduced operating expenses due to the following:

  • A reduction in the number of operational staff.
  • Lessen the demands of office supplies.
  • Minimise reliant for paper–based system.
  • Eliminate dispatch inaccuracies and billing inconsistencies.
  • Lower vehicle insurance premium rate.
  • Having a real–time vehicle tracking

These are all a great money savers for a transport businesses just by upgrading your system.

Optimise Your Financial Management

The accounting staff will now have more time to do important things for the company rather than consuming most of their time manually recording timesheets, making invoices, running after payable accounts, scheduling vehicle maintenance check–ups and making accounts summary reports.

It is essential to use an innovative solution accounting system so that you can optimise your financial management.

If you need an all–in–one management system for your accounting and entire fleet, eCoach Manager system can help you with this. It can help simplify your accounting processes and lessen your administrative duties. So contact them today to schedule an online demo or for a FREE quotation.