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Easy Online Quote

One way Return
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  • Auto pricing - allows customers to get a price and book instantly online
  • Fixed pricing - sets fixed prices for specific journeys
  • Edit customer details directly from their quotes
  • Insert billing address into invoices
  • Set a default deposit percentage for jobs
  • Bug fixes for driver allocations and job share
  • New improved admin user interface
  • Pop up pages such as send email etc can now be moved, resized, maximised and minimised. When using AJAX page loading they will stay open while changing page.
  • Optional AJAX loading configured in user settings to allow faster access and avoiding full page refreshes
  • Balance due date moved to view quote screen below price
  • Customisable sidebar settings in your site options
  • Configurable colours for each company to clearly mark jobs in the list pages for multi company users
  • Automatic refreshing of your mail queue and a send queue now button
  • Preview when you hover over a jobs number has been replaced with a popup page when you click view
  • Preview of emails in the view emails page has been replaced with a popup page
  • For brokers, the get bids option now displays the operators distance in miles from the job
  • New fields for Passenger name and number - these default to customer name and number if left blank
  • Searching for a customers email when starting a new quote now displays a list of their recent quotes
  • When entering a return date it will default to the outward date
  • Customer and company names are auto capitalised
  • The help icon in the top right hand corner now brings up a popup page with details of some common fixes and how to obtain support


  • Customisable email templates
  • Added Email HTML to Email tab in config

PLEASE NOTE: You can now change the layout, colours etc of the emails you send out. However this requires knowledge of HTML.

If you do not know HTML please do not change these settings, it could easily mess up your emails. We will be happy to make changes on your behalf.


  • Emails can now be saved for sending in the future or regular use
  • Saved emails can be opened and sent.


  • Added the option to switch off user filtering of pending quotes on an individual basis
  • Automatic notification to on page and blog updates.


  • Added deleted reason to the "Deleted jobs" list view
  • Added deleted reasons to the change status tab when viewing a job
  • Deleted reasons can be added and edited in configuration


  • Added a new "Outstanding Payments" feature to the left side panel
  • Grouped the main search results by job type
  • Added a quick link to open a job when looking at "Other jobs" in the main quote page.