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Coach Manager Access Levels


Users Access Levels allows you to set restrictions on what your staff can do.

At the top of this section is a list of all existing access levels.

To add a new access level click the "New access level" below this list, or to edit an access level click the pen to the right of the name.

A form pops up below the list of access levels.

Accounts - Editing and invoicing for account customers

Reports - Download CSV files for custom reports

Backups - Download backups of all key database records

Customer/Affiliate Backups - Download backups of your customer and affiliate databases

Calendar - View jobs on a week by week calendar

Config (Site) - Display the "Site option" Config tab

Config (Vehicle) - Display the "Vehicle Option" Config tab

Config (Airport Transfers) - Display the "Airport Transfers" config tab

Config (Pages) - Display the "Page Management" Config tab

Config (Email) - Display the "Emails" Config tab

Config (SMS) - Display the SMS Config tab

Config (Finance) - Display the "Finance" Config tab