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Edit Users

Edit Users allows you to provide access for your staff and change their settings.

At the top of this section is a list of all users with their username and email address.

To add a new user click the "New user" below this list, or to edit a user click the pen to the right of their email address.

A form pops up below the list of users.

Name - The username for logging into the system.

Phone - The users phone number

Password - The password for logging into the system

Email address - Email address for sending emails from the system

Email username - The username for the email account

Email Password - The password for the email account

SMTP Server - The email accounts outgoing mail server

Access Level - Access levels configured in the next section can restrict certain users from accessing certain features

Email Signature - This is a customisable signature that will be attached to all emails sent by the user from eCoachManager


If email settings are provided these will override the defaults set in Company Data, otherwise the default is used.